Aiming for another perfect day today. All perfect days begin with a weigh in. 166 (sigh)…

I discovered something interesting yesterday. I didn’t think a quick little twenty minute workout would do much but I was really amazed at the results when I wore the heart rate monitor. I had a few minutes yesterday and decided to run upstairs and do a quick 20 minutes. Not a huge deal. I can’t remember precisely but I think it showed that I burned around 120 calories. The amazing thing, however, is that I burned something like 520 calories over the next two hours. Worked so well, I did the same thing a few hours later. Today, I’m on it. Gonna wear this monitor all day and see what happens. DH says I’m going to become that crazy lady from flashdance.

11:18 – Okay, here we go! Been wearing this monitor for the last hour and a half and it shows I’ve burned 66 calories. Damn! No wonder I’m fat! That’s only .75 calories per minute! I’ve been blogging, reading the paper, made the bed, loaded the dishwasher. Common everyday movements. Now I’m going to reset this baby and see what happens when I kick things up a few notches.

12:40 – Did an hour of low impact, high intensity aerobics. According to the HR monitor, I burned 489 calories so that comes out to 7.7 calories per minute. I’m going to reset now and see what happens over the next hour.

btw – Pam called and said she and Rick would love to go with us next weekend. Point made.

1:50 – Been an hour since I worked out and I’ve been sitting on my butt looking for recipes on the internet. I’ve burned 225 calories which works out to 3.4 calories per minute.

5:20 – I went grocery shopping and stopped by the produce stand. The stand is getting dangerous. Samples of all different kinds of crackers with a bunch of different homemade spreads like blue cheese pistachio and jalapeno cheese spread and salmon spread. It’s a good thing they’re so outrageously expensive. We all know samples have no calories but when you buy it and take it home, it gets fattening. They even set a bunch of homemade pies by the counter so you have to stare at them while you’re waiting to check out.

I burned 162 calories in the last 3 hours or .9 calories per minute. It’s dropped way down even though I was running around Kroger and Walmart. Time to do a 20 minute workout and see what happens.

6:00 – Did a high intensity workout with the step for 20 minutes. Burned 65 calories which boosts me up to 3 calories per minute again. Will let you know how long it lasts.

7:00 – Okay, I’m averaging 5.8 calories per minute since my workout. Shutting off the monitor, resetting it and seeing what happens for the next hour or so. (I feel like I’m in some kind of science experiment. Hey, Susan! This one doesn’t use any eggs!)

8:00 – Okay, this is it.  Last count of the day.  I burned 217 calories in the last hour while sitting on my butt eating dinner and blogging.  That comes out to 3.6 calories per hour.

Point made!  I feel like those two guys on Mythbusters.  So what have I discovered today?  I’ve discovered that even a 20 minute workout boosts my metabolism to burn more than three times as many calories for at least a couple of hours afterward.  No small amount!  If I were to get up a few minutes early and get in a 20 minute workout, it would keep me pumped until lunch.  Then, if I were to tell everyone to take a hike and actually take my 20 minute lunch break to get some exercise, I could boost it again for a couple of hours.  When I come home and do my long workout, that ought to keep me pumped till bedtime or close to it.  That could make a major difference in the amount of weight I can lose.

I’m actually shocked that I was burning only .75 calories per minute this morning from the time I got up until I worked out.  Geez!  Is that normal?  Seems awfully low!


thatgirlcaitlin says 26th October @ 9:45

Yes, doing a simple workout really does make a difference. I was surprised, as well. I’m glad that you’re incorporating some exercise into your dieting. It always gives fabulous results. I look forward to hearing how it goes for you today.

leighish says 26th October @ 10:56

Oh my gosh. Thats who I can be for Halloween. The crazy lady from flashdance! All I need is a humongous sweater falling off my shoulder and some leg warmers!

patty says 26th October @ 11:19

Oh, yeah, Leighish, but can you keep up the pace that goes with the outfit?

susan says 26th October @ 12:14

Ha! Good old Flash Dance! I think my husband had fantasies about me getting a bucket of water dumped on me for months after seeing that movie.

Go, you maniac, GO!

thatgirlcaitlin says 26th October @ 20:31

That’s awesome! I think it’s fabulous that it worked so well for you and you realized it can really help!

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