A friend served this soup on a snowy February evening and it really hit the spot. I think I’m going to play with it and try to get a calorie count today. Here’s the original recipe. Will let you know how it shapes up after I figure out how many servings this is.

2 T. Olive Oil (240) (I omitted this in the revised recipe and just coated the pan with vegetable spray)
1 Green pepper, diced (25)

1 zucchini, diced (25)

1 carrot, diced (30)

1 can chickpeas (420)

1 can diced tomatoes (50)

1 cup Ragu Traditional spaghetti sauce (140)

1/2 t. dried thyme
3 cans chicken broth (90)

3 cups water
8 oz. spaghetti (840) (I cut this down to 4 oz. in the revised recipe

salt & pepper to taste

2 teaspoons grated Asiago cheese (40) (I used Parmesan in the revised recipe with only 25 calories for 2 teaspoons)

Heat oil. Add green pepper, zucchini, and carrot. Cook a few minutes. Add all ingredients except spaghetti. Bring to a boil. Add spaghetti and simmer 20 minutes. Serve with grated asiago or parmesan cheese. Okay — I’m going to play with this recipe now. Make a few revisions and then measure it and see how many cups it makes.

16 cups Okay here’s the calorie count for the original recipe – 116 calories per cup with an additional 40 calories for the asiago cheese which makes it 156 calories per cup. That’s actually a lot lower than I thought it would be. In the revised recipe using no olive oil and only half as much spaghetti, it dropped down to 75 calories per cup and topping it with parm instead of asiago brought the revised total to 95 calories per cup. I really couldn’t tell any difference in the taste.


realcdn says 26th October @ 22:45

Soups are usually less calories than we think. I go out of my way to make higher calorie soups (to use as a meal) but most of them, unless they’re really thick, are pretty good and filling for the calories. This one sounds like something I wouldn’t mind as an ‘extra’ so I’ll likely play with it as well. Thanks.

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