It’s so quiet this morning. I went to bed at 10:00 which is early for a Friday night and woke up at 6:30. Couldn’t go back to sleep. My house is not quiet very often but it is right now. It’s chilly and dark and I’d be sitting in the spa any other time enjoying my morning coffee and watching the sunrise but the new motor for the spa still hasn’t arrived. Checked the tracking number and it’s still sitting somewhere in California. Checked my email – personal and work – and took care of it so now I can just blog for a while.

I’m aiming for a perfect day. Guess I should start with a weigh-in…166.5 (sigh)…Still stuck in this rut but I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. Two potluck dinners in one week. Everyone loved the soup, by the way. I think I’ll go ahead and post it on here because it’s an oldie but a goodie from Cooking Light 1988 and someone is always asking for the recipe so I might as well write it up. I’m aiming for a strong workout today, healthy eating, and a major housecleaning.

Mom called yesterday and says she definitely wants to go with us to Florida over Thanksgiving. I’m glad. I don’t get to see her as much as I’d like and she enjoys traveling in Manny. I was really surprised when she said she’d go last year and even more surprised when she loved it. She doesn’t get out much anymore, it’s hard on her, but she can travel in Manny and be just as comfortable as she is sitting in her own living room.

I’m dealing with some friend issues again. Remember Rick and Pam? The animal lovers from Spencer county who have been our friends for more than 30 years? The ones who always want us to make the one hour drive to their place and never want to come to ours? To refresh your memory…the last few times we’ve invited them to our place they’ve either made excuses or not shown up but they want us to get together at their place all the time. That’s a one hour drive to get there and another hour to drive home. I thought I’d addressed the issue when I had a talk with Pam and she apologized and said it wasn’t intentional. They just like to relax on the weekends and don’t like making the long drive. Well, so do we. She said if we came to their place that weekend, they’d come to ours the next weekend. We did and they didn’t. She didn’t even call to cancel. They just didn’t show up.

Well, she emailed me and invited us to a pumpkin carving party tonight with some mutual friends and asked us to come out Sunday for dinner. I don’t know what to do about it. It’s hurtful to think that they want us to be friends on their terms. I really miss getting together with them but DH is standing firm. He says to tell them we already have plans this weekend but we’re going up to Brown County, IN next weekend to enjoy the scenery, visit a winery or two, and shop and they’re invited to go with us. I’m torn between really missing them and wanting to get together and standing my ground that they should make the effort to get together on our terms once in a while.

Other friend issues…Sistah Pam, of the infamous BUTT Sistahs, seems to be in a bad place. We haven’t gotten together for quite a while and I mentioned it when I saw her at the meeting I attended Wednesday. She said she felt like she was always having to take the lead and got tired of doing it. I didn’t really feel like there was any true leader in the group but I decided to just go ahead and take the initiative to get things rolling again. I sent out an email suggesting we get together at a restaurant and Jana agreed but Pam emailed and said we could just come to her house and she’d fix dinner and we could bring a dish. I really didn’t want her to have to feel like she had to do that so I sent another email out and said it would be easier if we just met at a restaurant and joked that they weren’t going to get out of paying me my money for being the biggest loser since the last time we met. Pam responded and said we needed to face it that we hadn’t gotten together since mid September and we hadn’t stuck to the plan and we were just three friends getting together for dinner. She said she’d pay me the money.

I was definitely taken aback. And hurt…. I didn’t respond. I’m not sure what she’s thinking. It wasn’t about the money. It never was. True, we weren’t able to meet in September but everyone was swamped. Pam and I were supposed to meet at the gym every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday for water aerobics but she was the one who quit going. I reminded her several times but she had other commitments and I finally quit asking her to go with me because I figured she didn’t want to. I’ve been dieting. I’ve been blogging. I’ve been working out. I thought I stuck to the plan. I don’t know what’s going on with her. I’m not even sure that she meant for it to sound the way it did. Anyway, it left me feeling like I’d done something wrong and I’m not sure what it was.

Finally, a third friend…Her daughter is a spoiled brat. She’s always in trouble for one thing or another and yet her mom can only see her side of it. Daughter walked out of her class at school after telling her teacher she was a B*tch because her teacher wouldn’t let her take a call on her cell phone during class. The call was from her boyfriend and they were argueing and Mom felt like the teacher should have respected her daughter’s “emotional state” and let her go out in the hall to talk to boyfriend. I pointed out several inappropriate things daughter had done and totally supported the teacher who was only enforcing school policy and Mom got upset with me and told me that was what was wrong with schools today. That we teachers are way too concerned with “rules” and not concerned with the “emotional needs” of the kids. What a load of crap!  This one is a casual friend, not close.  I don’t have a problem with losing her.  “Bye, Bye, B!”

So…I’m kind of feeling like friends are weighing me down today. Maybe that’s why the scales are showing a gain………Nah…it’s the potluck.

11:30 – Okay, did my workout. 40 minutes of aerobics followed by week 2 of c25k. My left foot bothered me quite a bit. That was aggravating. I have to figure out some way to deal with that. It was frustrating to be breathing well, legs feeling good, fused ankle doing great, and have problems with the other one. Anyway, heart monitor says I burned 625 calories. Guess I can have breakfast.

3:00 – There’s a reason I don’t sew anymore. Actually, there are several reasons I don’t sew anymore. DIL brought Holly over and hands me a bag with about 3 yards of black stretch fabric and a spool of black thread and a picture of a darling little witches costume and says, “Can you stitch this up for Holly? I told her I didn’t think you would mind. I’ve got to go to work and she has a Halloween party tonight. I know I don’t sew but it looks pretty easy.” You see…that’s the key right there…“I don’t sew but it looks pretty easy.” Of course it looks easy to you because you don’t sew!

I get to drag the old sewing machine out of the trunk at the foot of my bed and set it up in the kitchen and start looking for a pair of scissors that might be able to hack and saw through some fabric. I took the fabric out of the bag and it’s cheap, stretchy knit that doesn’t look much more substantial than a pair of panty hose. That’s gonna be a thrill to work with. I decided my best bet was to just do a basic sheath with raglan sleeves. How tough could it be? Of course, between this crappy fabric and my dull scissors, it took forever to cut it. Then I realized that I cut one of the sleeves backward. It looked like a V instead of a point. I tossed it out and hacked away again to get another piece. I tried to thread the sewing machine until I finally gave up because I can’t even see the eye of the needle and had DH thread it for me. My machine didn’t like the crappy fabric and kept jamming up and breaking the thread as I tried to stitch up the seams. I attached one sleeve and then realized I put it in with the underarm seam facing up. Crap! The fabric wouldn’t come close to holding up to the removal of a seam so I decided to do them both with the seam facing up. It’s a costume, right? I stitched up the other side and, when I finished, I realized I’d sewed the sleeve in with the seam inside out. Sh&t!!! I hacked another piece of fabric and just cut the whole sleeve off instead of trying to rip out the seam and attached another sleeve. I called Holly in to try it on and she looked like a fat little sausage! She was squished into it and it looked like holy crap. I finally decided to take safety pins and drape the remaining material around the sheath but the neck looked terrible so I’m loaning her a black and gold scarf of mine that has beautiful gold beading all through it. I paid $50.00 for it and I’ll probably never see it again. BTW, she thinks she looks beautiful!

7:30 – I am da bomb today!  Decided to see what would happen if I ran upstairs for a quick 20 minute workout.  Whoo, Hooo!  Quick and easy and it showed that I burned 600 calories in the next 2 1/2 hours so…I did it again a little while ago.  Think I’m going to make this a habit.

Perfect day, glad it’s done…Later!


susan says 25th October @ 19:01

Love a quiet house…

I can feel the sweat on your brow and hear your curses as you wrestled with the wretched cheap black material ~ you da bomb, for coming through for Holly like that.

Your friends are dopes. Be my friend instead.

soclose says 25th October @ 20:02

Glad your mom is getting to go to Fl. with you. I’d love to travel in your “Manny”. Name the date.

I’m with your dh on R & P—–they sound like self- absorbed jerks to me; maybe fun self-absorbed jerks, but still self-absorbed jerks. As for sistah P.: if she doesn’t want to feel like the “leader” and put upon, why does she want everyone to come to her home? Makes no sense. As for the third—our kids are suspended (out of school suspensions, NO exceptions) for even DISPLAYING a cell during school hours. Even our janitors can enforce this. Emotional needs???? What about the disruption of the educational needs of everyone else in the class who was treated to her tantrum?
Great exercise—send me some energy…….and what a great grandmother you are (but we all knew that).

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