Saturday Menu

Lite Yogurt (70)

Lean Cuisine Lemongrass Chicken Entree (240)

5 spring rolls (800)
watermelon (100)

Total 1,210

What the heck happened to me last night?  I exercised yesterday, stuck to healthy choices on my meals and then started bingeing last night.  Boy, did I eat!  That’s not like me and I don’t know what brought it on.  First, I ate a bunch of popcorn.  An hour or so later, I ate a protein bar (chocolate peanut butter, pretty good!).  A few minutes later, I ate a fudgesicle, followed by 3 more protein bars.  Crap!  Why’d you do that Sistah Pat????

I don’t have a clue what brought it on and I’m not going to try to rationalize it.  It’s too difficult to think right now.  Stacy and David left yesterday and she asked if I wanted her to dump the rest of her coffee in my coffee canister.  I didn’t realize it was Hazlenut.  I can’t focus with Hazlenut coffee.  It’s just not right.  Early morning should be Super Heavy Duty Brazilian Columbian Kona Dark and Forbidding Breakfast Blend.  Sheesh!

Stacy is an ex? hairdresser.  Is there any such thing?  Anyway, she likes my hair scrunched which is what I’ve been doing for about six months.  The very top, however, has a tendancy to go flat.  Stacy’s hair looks great and she said all she did was have about 6 or 8 perm rods done in the top and she offered to do it for me.  I haven’t been able to wash it for three days now and I hate it.  I hope it settles down after I shampoo this morning.  I look like Little Orphan Annie.  The top is totally frizzy and the rest of it has mysteriously gone flat.  Today, Stacy’s supposed to come over and we’re going to try to find a color that’s close to my natural color which is a very dark brown with red highlights.  Well, you guys know that from the pictures.  I enjoy her so much when she’s in a good place and taking her meds.  Wish she’d stay there.

2:00 – Did an hour of combination treadmill and aerobics.  My back and laterals are killing me today so I guess that means I worked some areas that haven’t been worked in a while.  Still having trouble with that damn tailbone.  I think I’ll go online and for back strengthening exercises.  I used to do a Jane Fonda Complete workout that had 15 minutes of upper body weights and toning, 45 minutes of high intensity aerobics, and 15 minutes of lower body toning.  The idea was to do the upper and aerobics one day and then aerobics and the lower the next.  I think I’ll try to find it today and see if there’s any possibility of still doing it.

4:30 – Okay, here goes!  I bought a dark brown color.  Let’s see what happens…

6:30 – I think I did okay.  I’m not happy with the frizzy hair on top but the color is pretty much the way it should be.  DH said, “Hey, Baby!  Where you been?  I haven’t seen you for a couple years!”  DS said, “Hey, Mom, you look like Mom again.”  So, I guess I’m closer to being me.  What do you think?


Cleaning up the mess!

This morning’s paper says “GENERATORS BLAMED FOR DEATH, ILLNESSES – Hospitals Treat almost 100 for carbon monoxide poisoning” and then we have “CREWS CONTINUE TO FIND DAMAGE – 121,000 customers still without power”.  Finally, there’s “300 INTERSECTIONS IN JEFFERSON COUNTY REMAIN DARK – Police urge citizens to avoid unnecessary driving and treat darkened intersections as 4 way stops.” 

Still pretty messy around here.  Everywhere you go, there are tree trimmers, traffic cones and tape, and repair crews for power lines.  Some of it is so sad.  Why would anyone move a generator inside the house to keep from having it stolen?  How could someone not know how dangerous that is?  The weather has been absolutely gorgeous.  You could sleep in the backyard and guard the generator if it means that much to you.  I’ve actually been rather proud of people here in Louisville.  The news said there hasn’t been any looting to speak of.  No more than the usual number of burglaries.  Surprising, but nice to know.

Looks like the city is slowly taking care of the storm damage.  I can’t stop thinking that I’m storm damaged, too, and wondering what it’s going to take to repair me.  I’ve started.  I’m slowly repairing the damage.  I’m eating healthy.  I’m exercising regularly.  I’m trying to get back to taking care of myself.  But really, what’s an honest assessment of the damage going to be?  It keeps coming back to that mid-life crisis thing.  What’s realistic when you’re past 55?  Everyone expects you to be old and wrinkly at 75 but that’s almost 20 years down the road.  What’s that saying?  “Youth is wasted on the young.”  I don’t know about that.  Young people are so fresh and beautiful.  I love just looking at them.  All those sweet, young faces and soaring aspirations.  They’ve got a long road ahead.  Let em have everything they can get.  Who wants saggy, wrinkley kids with gray hair?  Better to lay it on us old people.

I guess we just come to a point where it’s more realistic to be considered “attractive”.  Not sure I like that word…Kids are cute, young women can be gorgeous and middle aged women can be attractive.  It’s difficult to wrap my head around that one. Anyone got a better adjective?

At any rate…I’m making a few changes.  I decided to go back to my natural hair color this weekend.  I don’t think I have too much gray (I might be surprised) but I think I’ll go back to being a brunette and just let it grow back naturally and see what’s up there.  I still love bright colors and will continue to wear them but the bright lipsticks are history.  Gotta tone it down a little bit.  I still haven’t gone through the last few boxes of pictures but it seems like I have something from every decade.  1967, 1978, and 1988.  I’m aiming for a new “decade” picture on the cruise over Christmas.  I know they have photographers on board to take pictures when you’re all dressed up for dinner so I’m aiming for a “Decade 2008” picture of an attractive woman with her “always there for me”, loving DH. 

In the meantime, here’s some fun photos from a trip to Hawaii in 1994.

Andrew and Steven on a fake surfboard and then posing with some beautiful birds. 

Before you get too jealous, the picture of DH and I is a fake.  Our heads are poking through a hole in a cutout.  Looks pretty good, doncha think?

I’m off to the treadmill…Later!

1:30 – I managed to get a decent workout for an hour in spite of all the interruptions.  I don’t answer the phone when I’m working out but it rang and rang and rang so I finally answered.  It was DIL, sitting out in the driveway, wanting to know if I could watch Holly because she has to go to work and DS is working.  Kind of a moot point if she’s sitting in the driveway.  So, I had to run down and open the door for Holly.  I went back to the treadmill and Holly came up and wanted me to fix her some breakfast (at 1:00 p.m.?).  Told her she’d have to wait.  A few minutes later, she answered the phone and brought it upstairs.  It was my brother, wanting to know how things were going.  Took me two or three minutes to get off the phone and promise I’d call him later.  Got back on the treadmill and ignored another phone call but Holly answered it and brought another phone upstairs (that’s three phones now).  It was a sales call.  I told her not to answer the phone anymore and did the best I could with my workout which was a mixture of treadmill and aerobics to keep the heart rate elevated.

5:30 – I’m so bored…I’m not used to having a week off with nothing to do.  Actually, there’s a lot I could be doing but it just doesn’t feel right.  If they’d have said on Monday that we’d be off an entire week, I’d have gone down to Florida and cut the grass.  It hasn’t been cut since last April and I’m sure it’s a mess.  Of course, it would be my luck to drive for 12 hours to get down there and not be able to get the mower started.  Still, that might not be too bad.  I’d be forced to throw up a hammock between a couple of trees and give up.

I’ve been trying to help Andrew pick out his senior ring.  When I was in school, we didn’t have much choice in the matter other than the size and a couple options for insignias.  Now, it’s a major deal.  What color stone, what kind of stone, what size stone, what kind of cut on the stone, what kind of finish on the ring, which insignias, what size, yada, yada.  I think we’re close to being done with making the choices.  Looks like it’s going to run around $700.00.  Yikes!  Still, the kid deserves every cent.  He really works hard.


Friday Menu

3/4 cup Kashi Go Lean Crunch with soy milk (200)

1 1/2 cups Hoppin John soup (200)

Frozen turkey dinner (350)
Watermelon (50)

Popcorn (300)
4 protein bars (700)
fudgesicle (60)

total 1,800


After the storm…

Things are pretty weird around here.  I didn’t post yesterday because my world is a little bit upside down.  No school yesterday and they finally announced yesterday afternoon that there wouldn’t be any school for the rest of the week.  Of course, two of the grandsons live with us but their Dad is here and my other DS and his family are staying in the RV because they got sick of doing without electricity and phones.  That means I’ve got DH here, both DS’s, DIL, and four grandkids.  Count em…that’s nine.  Oh, don’t forget DS’s dog.

Yesterday was DGS Jake’s 9th birthday so we had a party for him.  DH and I bought him a new bike.  Of course, we had to have a party with his favorite dinner.  Dieting is rough.  I ate a ton of spaghetti and french bread last night and a small piece of birthday cake.  That one wasn’t too bad because I didn’t like the cake.  It had that whipped frosting that they all seem to have these days.  That “party” atmosphere is still hanging around since I have a full house and no school.  The paper says 139,000 are still without power.

We spent most of yesterday getting the yard cleaned up.  This morning, it looks a lot better.

Little sister asked me to scan some old pictures of DH and I, our kids, and our grandkids for a CD she’s putting together for Mom’s birthday in November.  I decided to start looking for pictures yesterday.  It was such a depressing experience.  I kept looking at my pictures and thinking “What the Hell happened to me?”  I looked good at 14, I looked good at 24, I looked good at 34, I looked good at 44.  I even looked fairly good at 50.  It’s a little sad to see what happened after my ankle problems started.  I look at those pictures and think, “I can never get back to this.”  I haven’t looked like myself for at least five years.  Like I said, it’s depressing.  I know I can never go back but I wish I looked like myself, at least.   I can’t help thinking about how quickly I started going downhill when my ankles started giving me problems.  It’s taken five ankle surgeries in five years to get me to the point where I can walk without pain and start exercising again.  Is that what happened or is it just old age creeping up.  I don’t think it’s old age because I’m not that old.  It’s like I got hit by a storm five or six years ago and what’s left is showing the damage.  Photo gallery below, before the storm.

1967: Me, at 15, going to my first prom. 

 DH and I in 1979, a little over a decade later. DH has obviously had too much to drink!

  Hawaii 1987, another decade gone. 


   Me, after my first Master’s Degree, 1988.

6:30 – David and Stacy’s power came back on so they went home and I just have DH, DS, and two grandsons left.  I’ve spent most of the afternoon digging through old boxes of pictures, scanning some of them and emailing them to little sister.  It’s been a strange day.  I’m feeling really…displaced?  Just a strange feeling of not knowing where I am or how I got here.  The pictures are part of it, the neighborhood is another part.  I went to the store and it was really strange.  Things look so different.  Lots of people are outside working in their yards, kids are all over the place (having rediscovered bicycles and roller skates the last few days) and the entire area is so much brighter.  So many trees and limbs have come down that the neighborhood is actually a lot more open and looks strange.

As for my personal displacement…that’s another story.  I’m not sure what to think about that.  The photos I went through yesterday evening and today were mostly from the 70s and 80s.  I haven’t really hit the 90s yet although I’ve found quite a few of the grandkids.  Maybe I spent that decade just taking pictures of them.  More boxes to go through tomorrow.  The pictures make me feel really strange.  On the one hand, I’ve got an optimistic little voice cheering me on with  “Hey, I want you to get back to working out so you can lose this weight and look good again.”  Then there’s this bitchy little nag whispering in my ear, “I don’t think so!  You’re way past that, kiddo!  You can never get back to that!  You’re going to look like an old hag with saggy skin and wrinkles beyond belief!”  Most of the day, I’ve been just telling them both to shut up and leave me alone.  The rational part of me keeps thinking, “You know, it really doesn’t matter.  It’s about feeling good and being healthy.  I’m not a spring chicken anymore.  I just have to accept that and be happy with all my blessings.”  This is really the only place where it’s okay for me to sound like a narcissistic, self-absorbed whiner and say, “I want MORE than healthy!  I want to be pretty and sexy!” 


Thursday Menu


Fumbling in the dark

Metaphorically speaking, of course. A lot of folks are still in the dark but I have my electricity back on. I’m kind of fumbling around with what’s on the agenda. Each day that we miss school has me trying to recall what meetings, trainings, and obligations I’m supposed to be involved in. It seems like we’re tied up with mandatory testing all year. Education is one big series of testing for the kids. It starts this week and I’m not ready. I’ll be working with a group of 9th graders and I’m not sure what I’m supposed to do. My plan was to get with some people and get a handle on exactly what needed to be done on Monday.  I’m not sure because the paperwork is on my desk but I think we’re supposed to start testing tomorrow and Thursday. Maybe I won’t even have to worry about it because they’re saying we may be out of school all week.

Our school superintendent was involved in yesterday evening’s news conference and said he’s not sure when schools will be up and running again but parents should plan for a week without classes. This morning’s paper says a third of the schools are still without electricity and several of them suffered damage.  Some fool (Sorry, it makes me angry!) asked why teachers weren’t volunteering to go to the schools that have electricity and supervise kids so parents could just drop them off. Teachers are not licensed day care providers.  Why do so many people assume teachers are there to raise and care for their kids? We’re there to teach them and I’m so tired of people thinking of teachers as glorified babysitters. They wouldn’t dream of suggesting that employees of the General Electric plant volunteer to come and fix their appliances or employees of Ford come and fix their cars. Nuff said, move on…

I’m not masochistic enough to weigh myself this morning. Three days of eating crap and not exercising are bound to show up. Instead, I’m going to have a perfect day today and tomorrow and weigh myself on Thursday. Yeah, I know…I’m such a coward.  Oh, wait!  Do I hear my treadmill calling?  “Patttttty, come up the stairs…I’m waaaaiting.”

12:30 – Just finished a phenomenal workout.  I’m all sweaty and icky and it feels fantastic!  I was doing my 95 minute 3 more miles workout and I was twenty minutes into it at 3.3 mph and an incline of 4% and my pulse was only up to 102.  My metabolism is so damn low!  They tell me that’s good in terms of heart ailments but it’s not good when you’re trying to lose weight.  For most of my workout, my pulse is between 100 and 110 but I can get up to 115 at an incline of 10%.  Anyway, I decided to get off the treadmill and do some fast paced low impact aerobics and then jump back on it.  I did aerobics for about 3 minutes and checked my pulse and it was up to 120!  Whoo Hooo!  The rest of the time, I kept the treadmill running and went through my regular routine of 5 minutes at each incline but I frequently jumped off and did some butt-kicking aerobics!  Wow!  What a difference!  Everytime I stayed on the treadmill for a couple of minutes, my pulse rate would start to go down.  My target heart rate should be between 83 and 140 and I could get it up to 130 by doing the aerobics.  Mr. Treadmill may be getting lonely for a while.  This requires some thought…


Tuesday Menu

Turkey Sandwich:
Bread (140)
Turkey (60)
Swiss Cheese (100)
6 grape tomatoes (25)


Manny saves the day!

I’m exhausted!  The last couple of days have been so crazy I don’t know where to begin.  Last time I blogged, I was taking off for a shopping spree in Indiana.  DH and I took Manny the RV up to Edinburgh and parked at an RV park right across from the Outlet Mall.  I was able to walk right across the street and shop till I was ready to drop.  I spent Saturday afternoon in Coldwater Creek and got some fabulous clothes.  When I went back to the RV, DH wanted to go out for dinner and drinks and I decided to take the evening off from eating healthy.  Had a few fattening “girlie” drinks and some fattening appetizers and generally had a great time which didn’t end until late into the night! 

We slept in Sunday morning and, about the time I was getting ready to head back across the street, DH heard that the remnants of Ike were headed our way in just a couple hours so he wanted to head home.  Since I’d already gotten lots of goodies at Coldwater Creek, I was okay with leaving and we ran into vicious winds for the next hour and a half as we drove home.  A couple miles before our exit, traffic was stopped on the interstate because a tree had broken and fallen in the right hand lane.  We had to sit in traffic and the wind just kept getting worse.  Manny is a big old boy and he’s hard to handle when it’s windy so we were glad to finally pull into the driveway at home.  Shortly after we arrived, the winds became even worse, downright vicious actually, and civil defense sirens started going off.  Because of our big trees, we moved our cars and Manny into a big field across the street from us where they wouldn’t be at risk of being crushed by a tree limb.  For three or four hours, we suffered winds of hurricane force (they actually got up to 85 mph) and I watched my poor neighborhood suffer terrible damage.  My neighborhood is very well established and is full of huge old maples, oak trees, and Bradford pears.  I try to take good care of my trees and we just had them thinned out and cleaned up a couple of years ago so mine were okay but many of the trees were uprooted and fell on houses and cars.  Huge branches came crashing down and pulled down power lines all over the city.  My next door neighbor lost a huge tree that fell on his truck and the neighbor next to him lost his roof and back porch.  It’s unbelievable how much damage was done.  300,000 without power in the city of Louisville alone.  The meteorologists said the effect was caused by an unusual phenomenom of the remnants of Ike colliding with a cold front and the winds were much more severe than they would ordinarily have been.  When it was all over, our power was out and I headed down the road to find some pizza or something for dinner.  After a few miles of backtracking and wandering around trying to find roads that weren’t blocked by downed trees or power lines, I came upon a stretch of highway that still had power and stood in line for almost an hour to pick up a bucket of fried chicken for dinner. 

We went out to the RV and turned on the TV and they were saying school would be cancelled for today because more than 100 schools in our district were without power and almost 60% of the traffic lights were out in Louisville.  Looking up and down the street, I could see that Manny was the only power source in sight so I fired up the crock pot and threw in a bunch of little weiners and sausages from the freezer and we set up the outside TV on the RV.   Several neighbors dragged their lawn chairs (the ones that hadn’t blown away) over to join us watching the news bulletins.  Somebody brought beers and it kind of became an impromptu block party.

We kept the RV parked across the road and spent the night in it.  This morning, we moved it back into the driveway and ran extension cords to the freezer and refrigerator in the house.  The mayor is saying it will be anywhere from a week to ten days to get electical power restored to everyone.  Following that announcement, I inventoried the freezer and headed for the store.  A few miles up the road, I found a Kroger open and got all the necessities.  Kroger surprised me with their generosity and I hope people remember it.  They were making up meat and cheese platters with loaves of bread and fruit and selling them at cost.  I bought what I needed to try to use up the most expensive items in the freezer because we decided to run Manny’s generator for two hours and then turn it off for two hours to try to conserve gas.  Manny has a big old tank and we just filled it up before heading to Indiana but the lines at the few gas stations that are open are unbelievably long and I didn’t want to waste gas in case our electric was out for a week or so.   Luckily, our power came back on about 30 minutes ago.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m delighted and I know how fortunate I am, but I just got the RV and house set up for an extended run without electrical power.  On top of that…I have a huge crock pot full of Con Queso for tonight’s “block party”.  Guess we’re going to be eating a lot of nachos (and crackers and pimento cheese, and more little weiners, and salsa and chips).

I’m so lucky that my house is undamaged and all my loved ones are okay.  The worst damage I have is to my flower beds.  The winds were so strong, they literally scoured my plants.  Many of them have lost all their leaves and some of them were completely uprooted.  My weeping cherry tree and some of the other plants look like they’ve been burned.  The leaves are withered and brown.  I have a pile of leaves and small branches about ten feet high that we’ve managed to drag out to the curb but the yard is still a mess.  Most of the limbs and debris came from my neighbor’s trees and blew into our yard.  Our trees came it through it pretty well unscathed.  The wildlife seems lost.  Squirrels are running around on the highways looking for trees and branches that aren’t there anymore.  A flock of starlings has been circling the area all day, resting in a tree, and then moving on to another (please, don’t let them get attached to one of my trees!).  I’m sure they’ve lost their homes.  I haven’t seen any hummingbirds or finches today.  All the little critters must be in shock.

They just announced that school will be cancelled again tomorrow.  The news anchor said Ike hit the Texas coast with winds at 100 mph.  Due to the freaky phenomenon, we got it at 85 mph in a 70 mile wide path with Louisville at the center of it.  Driving around the area is unbelievable.  I can’t get over how many trees are uprooted and how many homes are damaged.  We have tornados in Kentucky…not hurricaines.

Am I upset about any of this?  No, absolutely not.  How could I possibly be upset about losing a few flowers when so many have lost so much.  I’m so thankful for all I have (and for a couple extra days off work). (smile) 


Saturday Shopping!

Mr. Scale says 166 this morning. Filled in the data and regraphed it and finally show a significant drop. I was pretty sick of looking at that plateau from August 3rd to September 1st. Perfect week may have been tiring but it got me back to losing.

After I get my motor running, DH and I are going to take the RV and head up to Edinburgh. Maybe I’ll go to a few different shops this time. I’ve never really looked around in the other outlets although they have 87 shops. Went in Chico’s once because I love their clothes but they don’t cater to short, round women. It’s hard to beat Coldwater Creek for my kind of clothes. Shoes are ALWAYS an issue and I hate shopping for them. My ankles always hold up best in athletic shoes or sandals but winter is coming and I need some dressier shoes that I can actually wear. I just threw out a bunch of them and I hate to get anymore but it has to be done. I’m so sick of getting shoes that seem to be okay, wearing them at work for four or five hours and having to hobble around for two days afterward. I have one (yes, one) pair of black shoes that have a wedge sole that I can wear all day. I have quite a few pairs that I can wear for a couple of hours but then I have to take them off or deal with my ankles feeling like they’re full of ground glass. Of course, DH is going to get perturbed if I go shoe shopping because he knows how it goes (and he’s right). He can’t get beyond the vision of bags full of shoes that haven’t been worn going to the Salvation Army. Wish I knew a way around this. For a long time, I just dressed in the kind of casual clothes that allowed me to wear athletic shoes but I always hated it and was stuck there for three or four years. I don’t want to go back. I’m running up and down the halls all day long at work and I need shoes I can actually wear.  I think it should be a law that any corridor more than 50 feet long has to have moving sidewalks.  😉

It’s going to be nice to spend time with DH. That is, if he actually goes with me. I have a feeling he’ll hang out with me for a while and then go back to the RV and watch TV. That’s okay. We can still enjoy a quiet night with just the two of us. I read in someone’s blog the other day about how campgrounds were always full of RVs these days and they couldn’t understand how people thought that was camping. I had to smile. That’s the whole point…it isn’t! I have no desire to sleep in a sleeping bag on the ground, cook on a campfire, and hike a quarter of a mile to pee! I prefer to travel in my own portable hotel suite that I know is clean and comfy and has everything I need. No, RVing is not camping by any means! This is from a woman who has done more than my share of camping and more than my share of traveling. I always feel a bit creeped out in hotel rooms. I’m not sure how clean things are and I’m certain they’re not as clean as I’d like them to be. Of course, there are exceptions. There are a lot of hotels with beautiful suites that are sparkling clean and comfy but they cost big bucks and you can’t always find one when you need it.

Alrighty! I need to get off here and get ready for my “surprise” getaway!


Saturday Menu

South Beach Protein Bar (140)

I think DH is cooking something up. Yesterday, when I got home from work, he asked if I had any plans for this weekend. I told him I didn’t and asked “Why?”. He did some dodging and weaving and said, “No reason. I was just wondering.” A couple of hours later, I overheard him talking to DS and he said, “Don’t say anything to her because I don’t know if it’ll work out.” Me? I do not spoil surprises. I enjoy them too much. I’m content to leave it alone and have that pleasant little feeling that something nice might be in the works.

I went to water aerobics by myself yesterday evening but I didn’t really enjoy it. I didn’t call Pam. She knows when it meets and I figured she’d let me know if she was going. The other sistahs never seem to meet us anymore. I don’t think they even make it to the gym at all. We may need some new blood in the group. Requirements: fun, wants to lose weight or get healthier, willing to get together for workouts, enjoys going out with the girls and trying new foods and restaurants. Willing to give me their cash when I win the competition to lose the most weight. 🙂

I’m still kicking ideas around about keeping my gym membership. I really prefer working out at home but will keep it if I can get someone to go with me a couple times a week or if I can get to a point where I enjoy going by myself. One of the reasons I didn’t enjoy it very much yesterday evening was because my tailbone started really hurting again yesterday. What’s that about? I’m on it! I’ve decided it has to be my bed, my chair at work, or my workout. To address it, we turned the mattress (although it’s a really good one and I don’t think that’s the problem), I changed my chair at work, and I’ve been doing different workouts the last few days. Yesterday evening, I had a long hot soak in the tub, DH massaged my lower back, and I took a pain pill before bed. I’m going to continue to try to deal with it this weekend and make a doctor’s appointment if it isn’t better by Monday.

Now: off to the shower.

6:10 – Mr. Scale is whispering “167”. I never know what kind of surprises he has in store for me.

3:30 – What a nice day at work! I’ve been really having trouble with getting the laptops out to teachers this year. As I said before, they have to be reimaged and bound and then I have to set up carts of 30 of them and string chargers through the cart to keep the laptops charged. The problem is, the state would not allow us to charge kids or their parents for “lost” chargers and the kids really took advantage of it. Over the last four years, we’ve purchased more than 5,000 chargers at $75.00 each and the kids act like they’re asking for a pencil. “Mrs. R, I need another charger.”

“What happened to the one that came with your laptop?”

“I dunno…I think someone stole it.” or “I dunno…I think it’s in my Mom’s trunk.” or “I dunno… I think the dog ate it.”

We were REQUIRED to give them new chargers during the first three years of the project and I know for a fact that a lot of kids have half a dozen chargers lying around in old backpacks, the trunk of the car, or the back of the closet. Some kids even kept a collection of them at Mom’s, at Dad’s, at the boyfriend’s, in the car, and in their lockers so they wouldn’t have to carry it with them. Long story short…the project is over, the school gets to keep the laptops and we give teachers classroom sets of 30 laptops but I can only give them 10 chargers because that’s all I have. Of course, the teachers have been raising Hell about it because they have to constantly rotate the laptops to try to keep them charged and some of the chargers have gone bad. Most have been very understanding but a few have gotten downright cranky about the situation. I truly feel their pain. I understand. Really. But what can I do? I just don’t have anymore and there’s no more funding for the project!

This morning when I walked into the library, one of the teachers asked me to come with him. He took me to a well hidden area in the back of a large storage room full of old textbooks and pointed out some boxes and said, “Why can’t we use these chargers?” OMG! There were at least ten large boxes full of chargers! We’re talkin five or six hundred chargers! I was in heaven! After I hugged, kissed, lapdanced, and otherwise showed my appreciation to the guy, I floated around all day like the good fairy dispensing chargers to teachers. I don’t know where they came from. I don’t know who put them there. I don’t know why they were moved back there and I don’t care! Teachers were throwing rose petals down the hallways where I walked! It felt so good to be able to give them enough chargers to alleviate the problem. I suspect the boxes were moved to the storage room two years ago when they redid the entire heating and air conditioning system in our school by some of the workmen and never got returned to their rightful place. I really don’t care. I’m just so happy! Isn’t it pathetic to think that we have such a sorry state in education that I can be thrilled to the tips of my toes by just being able to give teachers some of the necessities they need to be able to teach?

5:15 – DH just came home with a bag full of warm Cuban sandwiches and popped a beer. Said, “You know what? I planned on coming home and us hopping in the RV and taking off somewhere for the weekend but I don’t really feel like doing it now. I’m too tired. If you want to, we can get up in the morning and take off for the rest of the weekend. Do you want to go to that RV park up there in Edinburgh where you like to shop? We can relax, just the two of us. I know you like to go to that Coldwater Creek Outlet. You want to go up there in the morning?”

Oh yeah. I wanna go up there in the morning.


Friday menu

Oatmeal with vanilla soy milk (200)

Lean Cuisine Sesame Chicken (350)
grape tomatoes (20)

Cuban Sandwich (God only knows! 600?)

Lowfat Frozen yogurt (270) (not lowfat if you eat 1 1/2 cups!)

Total 1,440


Thursday Menu

Oatmeal with vanilla soy milk (200)

Tuna Pasta Salad (300)
watermelon (30)

Tilapia Sandwich (400)
Salad (100)

Lowfat frozen yogurt (250)

Total 1,280

I sat out in the spa last night before I went to bed and could see the changes. I’ve been sitting out there over the lifespan of two spas or 15 years and I’ve seen so many changes from right out there on my little corner of the patio. I noticed a light dusting of crunchy brown leaves covering the patio and a few of them fell into the spa when I was out there. Pretty soon, they’ll be coming down by the bucketful and I’ll be looking up through a skeletonized old maple tree instead of through a canopy of green. The jasmine and moon flowers were lovely but they’ll be shriveling up and I’ll be gathering moonflower seeds for next year’s blooms. I don’t get into the winter too much. I know some people see it as a beautiful time of year but I prefer the sunshine and flowers.

Not much going on today. I’m trying to decide if I want to go to the gym by myself this afternoon. I guess it’s something I need to decide. It’s silly to pay for it every month and then go for water aerobics four or five times a month.

Hey, Kiki! How you doin? Thanks for dropping by. I tried to find your blog but don’t have the URL anymore.

6:15 – 168 on the scale. Where did that come from??? Still, I guess bouncing between 165 and 168 is better than bouncing between 167 and 170. Not upset…the bouncing is all a part of losing.

4:30 p.m. – Home from work.  Busy day!  I didn’t get a chance to wolf down breakfast until 10:30 and didn’t get to lunch until 1:00.  Both were eaten while working on computers.  Busy day but nice that it flew by.  Pathetic, Arrogant, Upchuck Lowlife got on my nerves a bit.  Some really super techs from the computer support division promised to come over today to see why my laptops weren’t binding to the server.  I have about 200 that needed to be reimaged and bound.  I’ve been working on them as much as I can but each one takes about 20 minutes to do and then the binding process ran into a snag.  Pathetic, Arrogant, Upchuck Lowlife has not helped me with them at all.  Unless there’s a bigwig around, he’s totally out of the picture.  He doesn’t even know how to bind them.  So, the big guy techies arrive and he comes over and sits down with us and starts making conversation about how we’ve been trying to get the laptops bound.  I didn’t say anything.  It’s not worth it to me but I was delighted when Barbara walked over after he left and said, “I couldn’t believe Paul sat down and worked with you guys.  That’s the first time I’ve seen him touch a laptop this year!”  Nuff said.  Thank you, Barbara!

I’m going to go to the gym by myself this evening for water aerobics.  Maybe I can strike up a conversation with someone and meet someone to work out with.   The Sistahs seem to be bombing out on the gym thing.  I need to make a decision about whether or not to keep my membership.

Okay, then! Today will be a perfect day designed to get me out of this funkie mood. For starters, I have a cute and comfy outfit to wear today, I planned a nice breakfast and lunch, I have a nice entertaining lesson for my students today, AND I plan to have a good diet and exercise all day. Right now, I’m off to the showers!

4:30 – Today has been pretty good! I’ve been aware that I’m trying not to get bogged down in the gutter so I’m taking a positive approach to things. I didn’t dwell on the nasties! The scale showed 166.5 this morning and that’s good. I took vanilla soy milk and oatmeal to school for breakfast and that was good. My kids enjoyed the lesson today and were really enthusiastic about it but they kept themselves reined in and I really enjoyed them today. Did a lesson on internet predators and showed them a fifteen minute film about a 12 year old who was a victim of a predator. They were really into the film and had some serious and thought provoking things to say afterwards. We talked about ways to have friends on the internet while still taking precautions to be safe. SO…you will never hear me speak names, addresses, cities, states, or phone numbers on this site! If any of you little chickies are 50 year old men, doing things you shouldn’t be doing while drooling over my pictures, you can just back off! I’m wise to you, you perverted piece of crap! Don’t think this chickie can be fooled just because you pretend to be a sweet, motivated woman with flabby thighs! I’m not falling for it!

Had a nice lunch of tuna pasta salad with fat free mayo, edamame beans, lemon juice, sliced grape tomatoes and cracked peppercorns and half a watermelon which was shared by several of my friends. Had a few laughs and took my belt apart because it was dragging my butt. I removed three links and Phyllisann decided we could make a nice brooch out of them. I wanted to hang on to them in case I need them in the future. She said she was going to read my blog tonight to make sure I confessed that I was afraid to let go of the extra links. So…there you are, Phyllisann. Laugh your skinny little butt off but my bloggie buddies understand the fear! I actually have a lovely silver and gold belt that fits now. (plus extra links to make matching earrings and a brooch)

Stayed after school about 30 minutes then I headed home. Now I’m ready to tackle an old Jane Fonda aerobic tape. I’ll try not to laugh too hard at the big hair and leg warmers.

6:15 – Okay! I finished Jane Fonda aerobics so I’ve done everything I said I was going to do today except go to the cruise website so I did. Here’s what it said when I logged in:

You Cruise in 101 Days!
Patricia *****,
We can’t wait to welcome you aboard your “Fun Ship”:

Whoo Hooo! I’m starting to get excited! Here’s a picture of me in my new bathing suit after finishing my Jane Fonda workout. The leg warmers really helped. I had to crop my head in case the perverts are looking. 🙂


Wednesday Menu

Oatmeal and Light Vanilla Soymilk (200)

Tuna Pasta Salad (300)
watermelon (50)

New post!  I don’t even want to write on the same page as that bunch of self-pity I’ve been throwing out.  What a load of crap!  You, Chickies, are so fantastic!  I was reading all the wonderful, supportive comments and I started feeling guilty about all the whining I’ve been doing the last couple of days.  I’m sooo done with that.  Tomorrow will be wonderful because I won’t settle for anything else.  In order to accomplish that, I’m going to spend the rest of the evening preparing:

1) I’m going to prepare breakfast and lunch for tomorrow so I’ll have something wonderful to munch on and won’t have to eat a crummy Nutrisystem meal or Lean Cuisine.

2) Lay out a beautiful, comfy outfit that will make me feel fabulous tomorrow.

3) Take my sister’s advice and go visit Carnival.com to think about our upcoming cruise and get motivated to lose another 15 pounds before I leave.

4) Plan an absolutely fabulous lesson for tomorrow so my kiddos will be so entertained they won’t even realize they’re learning.

5) Exercise tomorrow.  Choices – Low Impact Aerobics tape, my own workout, or the treadmill.  Absolute minimum of 45 minutes.

Well, alrighty then!  I have a lot to do before bedtime!  Thank you, Amigos, for getting me back on track!

I was in a crappy mood yesterday. It started with being irritated with DH and then having to sign the RED sheet at work. It’s gotta be better today. Yes, Feathers, I agree. They treat us like a bunch of 5 year olds sometimes. There isn’t even a “comment” section on the red sheet where you can say, “Hey! I’m not really late!” Talk about destroying morale. I was so angry, they lost at least an hour and a half from me yesterday because I usually work through lunch and stay after school to do things after the kids leave. Lest anyone think I’m super dedicated or something, this is what teachers do. You can’t do much of anything when you’re dealing with a bunch of kids and routinely work long hours after school is out and during the breaks. There are meetings and trainings and teachers generally do a lot of work “off the clock”. It’s the only way to get it all done.

No, I’m not going to the dark side…I am not on a Nutrisystem diet. Phyllisann’s husband is, however. He wanted to lose a little bit and start working out more so he ordered it and Phyllisann brought a bunch of it in to work for when we get in a crunch and don’t have anything to eat. I thought I’d try it yesterday since I didn’t get to pack my breakfast or lunch. The breakfast bar was actually really good although a lot of calories but the pizza I had for lunch was pretty bad! Phyllisann stocked us up with a bunch of soups and breakfast bars and entrees so we won’t starve if we ever get snowed in at school. I think she may have brought in the things he tried and didn’t like. Better to have an emergency stash than throw them out, I guess.

I was totally bummed out yesterday afternoon and evening. Ate the dinner that DH fixed, a croissant, and a bowl of ice cream. No telling what the scales will say today. Guess I’ll head for the shower and find out.

6:10 – Mr. Scale is being kind to me. Either that, or he’s waiting to spring a surprise in a couple of days. At any rate, I’m still weighing 166.5 which makes me happy. At least for now. Pam and I didn’t set up anything but today is Tuesday and the gym has water aerobics. Guess I should email her and make sure we’re going so I won’t miss out on exercising today. I should be able to ride my bike before long but the temps are still kissing the 90s so I can’t count on it yet.

5:45 – What is wrong with me???  It’s not like me to be so bummed out and negative for such an extended period of time.  Maybe I’d be having TOM except that I don’t have TOM anymore.  Nor do I miss him.  Work was on my nerves today, the kids were on my nerves today, and the staff meeting after school was really on my nerves today.  It seems our new principal is pretty fond of faculty meetings and we had yet another one today.  That’s three after school faculty meetings in three weeks.  This one ran until 4:00.  They’re not supposed to run over an hour per week according to our contract but it’s political suicide to walk out on one before it’s over.  After yesterday’s RED sign-in fiasco, I’m not feeling particularly charitable about putting in extra time this week.

I was looking forward to going to the gym but Pam cancelled and I don’t feel like going by myself.  It probably would have been good to go and blow off some steam.  As it is, I’m feeling hungry!  Since I got home, I’ve eaten a cup of popcorn that didn’t do the trick, a Lean Cuisine that tasted like crap, and two bowls of Campbell’s chicken noodle soup with extra noodles (that might actually work).  Now, rather than commit diet suicide, I’m going to go shopping for mascara.


Tuesday Menu

Slim Fast Optima Bar (120)

Lean Cuisine Turkey Tenderloin (250)