Ever wonder what happens to those chicks that just stop blogging and disappear? I do. I wonder if they get tired of blogging or give up on the diet and quit trying or go to Sparkspeople or whatever. What happens to them?

It’s rude, too. I really care about you guys. I consider many of you to be friends and I’d be concerned if you just suddenly crossed the road and never came back. But you know, it happens. You chat with someone all the time and then they don’t post for three or four days and then it becomes a month or two and, the next thing you know, their blog disappears due to inactivity. Do me a favor…if any of you guys decide to drop your blog, take a few minutes to post a goodbye message so we don’t wonder if you were abducted by aliens or something. I promise to do the same.

Nuff about that…I’m aiming for a perfect day! Started off on the right foot. I did a super-fantastic workout and truly enjoyed it. As I said before, I’ve noticed that the treadmill just isn’t getting my heart rate where I’d like it to be but I like to use it because it helps me keep track of the time and my heart rate. This morning, I did 95 minutes but I didn’t spend a lot of time on the treadmill. Just kept it running and hopped on it every now and then. I used to be into aerobics and jogging bigtime and then I injured my ankles and couldn’t do it anymore. My ankles are getting better and better and I’m beginning to get some more mobility. Of course, the bones have been fused in the right one and I’m never going to get all of the mobility back but it’s still getting a lot more flexible after working out for six months (Has it really been that long?). I don’t know what my limits are. My surgeon says my jogging days are over but I’m not sure I have to accept that. This morning, I did a nice rotation. A couple of minutes on the treadmill, hop off and do a couple of minutes on my stationary bike with those upper body and arm things, hop off the bike and do a few minutes of aerobics, etc. I was able to keep my heart rate up and I really had fun with it. The thing is…I began to do quite a bit of jumping around with the aerobics and I was able to do some in-place jogging and jumping around. Felt like that sweaty, hard-workin’ girl in Flashdance. Feels real good, chickies!

3:30 – Did a little bit of shopping.  DH wanted to go to Aldi’s and I wanted to go to Value City which is right next door.  I needed some bras and sometimes they have some pretty good deals.  I really hate shopping for bras.  I’ve yet to find one in which the straps are not going to be slipping off my shoulders and I don’t like that they cost a small fortune.  I found a pair of red Barbie shoes and three bras.  They’re good, supportive bras that have a nice sexy look and they were only $5.99 each.  Why?  Because one of them is a beautiful royal blue, another is fushia, and the last one is burgundy.  Guess that kind of limits when I can wear them.


leighish says 28th September @ 23:34

I’m still here Patty! You aren’t rid of me yet! It’s hard to blog when you don’t have power! Luckily I don’t have that problem anymore!!!

Joy says 29th September @ 7:32

I know patty I get kind of discouraged when I read blogs and kind of get connected and then they just go away without a word.
I LOVE the way you are cross training! That is so good for you and keeps your muscles and metabolism on its toes! 😉
Look at it this way. Now you need to shop for clothes to match your new bra’s! LOL

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