Purgeing (cont.)

Looks like it’s going to be another day of getting rid of crap around here. DH truly does have a problem with this. One of these days, I’m going to have to give the topic a lot of thought and see if I can figure out how to make him stop but, in the meantime, I’m just going to have to keep getting rid of stuff. He has a terrible habit of throwing stuff in drawers, closets, boxes, etc. Of course, when we need something that we haven’t seen for a while, we can never find it because he doesn’t know where he stashed it and we wind up buying another. I probably have a half dozen staplers around here, five or six tape measures, a dozen backpacks…you get the picture. What’s ironic is that I think part of the reason he does this is because I don’t like clutter. He’ll have all this junk accumulating on his dresser and he knows I’m going to start bitching about it so he dumps it all in a box or a drawer and sticks it out of the way somewhere. One of his favorite dumping grounds is the big bowl of glass fruit in the middle of the kitchen table. He’ll toss a bottle of aspirin into it, then a pair of glasses, then a couple of keys and the problem starts. Just before it gets to the point where there isn’t any room for the fruit, he’ll take all the stuff out of it, throw it in a box, and put the box on a shelf in a closet. Repeat as needed…

Enough bitching for one morning…the scales are showing 170. What’s that about? I really haven’t been eating a lot of fruit and veggies lately. Seems like I’ve been eating a protein bar for breakfast, a frozen dinner for lunch, and a sandwich for dinner. Where’s the green stuff? The calorie count is low enough but the exercise and nutrition haven’t been too good. I may have mentioned this before but what’s the deal with these frozen, diet dinners? If I were producing them, I’d put a fair amount of meat in there, skip the rice and pasta, and fill-er-up with veggies. I don’t know why they have a little half cup serving of the veggies. It seems like the carb serving is larger than the good stuff. Maybe I’ll get off my butt today and actually plan dinner instead of throwing a couple pieces of tilapia on the broiler at the last minute and making a fish sandwich.

groan…I’ve been up for a half hour or so and had two cups of coffee. I’m going to be awake here in a few minutes and have to hit the treadmill.

11:30 – The treadmill was miserable today.  It was hot and my ankle was bothering me and I just couldn’t seem to find my “stride”.  A very loud voice in my head kept saying, “This is not going to work today.  Why don’t you just give it up?”  Then it started in with the “Okay, you’ve done 45 minutes.  You can say you worked out.  Just call it a day and quit.”  At the end it was, “What difference is another ten or fifteen minutes going to make?  You don’t have to do anymore.”  Having said that, I’m very pleased with myself for hanging in there for the full 95 minutes and doing 5 miles and 785 calories.  Now, I can quit.


brseay says 31st August @ 13:54

Even after all this time I’m still amazed at your determination. It’s no wonder you have been so successful.

angela says 31st August @ 15:51

thats totally a MAN thing………my bf has a major habit of putting pieces of paper…receipts etc everywhere and it DRIVES me crazy….lol..
Thanks for replying to my blog…believe me you WILL get to where I am today…!

Joy says 31st August @ 16:25

angela is right it is a man thing. All of the men in my home down to my 9 year old (not my toddler) keep the oddest things. My one son had one drawer in his dresser devoted to weekly two year supply of church bulletins, store receipts from stores going back one year in date, rubberbands, chapstick down to the quick etc…… That is just my one son!!! LOL When you find an answer to what to do please tell me. 😆

Man you had one terrific workout. Good job ! I am so ashamed that the most I have done is 45 minutes. I will try for more Monday morning.
I hope that you have a wonderful labor Day!

Dont worry about the 170 you will get back down after that workout you just did.

round says 1st September @ 6:18

wow, at 45 min I think I’d have bagged it, I’m impressed by your ability to stick to it!

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