“Mrs. R, this is Mary Lou from ____________ . We’re going to be in your neighborhood next week and were wondering if you have any old clothes or shoes you’d like to donate.” Seems like I get that call from the Salvation Army, Goodwill, Cedar Lake Lodge, or Disabled American Vets about once a week. Whoever it is this time is going to hit the jackpot. I’ve got to get the bedroom cleared out today.

I don’t know how DH can sleep so much. Ordinarily, if I can sleep in, I’ll wake up no more than eight hours after I hit the sack. DH can sleep for 12 or 13 hours! He was dead to the world when I got home at 9:30 last night and the boys said he’d been asleep at least an hour. Now it’s 8:30 and he’s still snoozing. I think I’m jealous. There’s no way I could sleep that long. Now that the smell of fresh coffee is meandering through the house, he’ll probably wake up.

Yes, Leighish, Kroger has beautiful flowers and I’ve gotten them many times. What I meant to say is that this isn’t one of the standard bunches that sit up at the checkout for $9.99. This one has some really unusual flowers and greenery in it. He may very well have gotten it at Kroger but it’s not one of the run of the mill arrangements. You, girlfriend, are well on your way to Employee of the Month!

Anyone know the name of Eryn76’s blog? She’s made nice comments a couple of times and I’d like to answer her but I can’t get her blog to come up.

9:30 – Excuse me while I have a momentary rant…

Dammit! Why is this place so damn disfunctional???? I thought I’d get a treadmill workout while I’m fresh and the upstairs is still cool. I left my MP3 player on the kitchen island a few days ago while the battery recharged. Now it’s nowhere to be found. DH has a VERY bad habit of picking things up and stashing them in totally inappropriate places. It’s probably been thrown in a tool box, or a kitchen drawer, or the hall closet. I periodically go through and clean out drawers and shelves where he stashes EVERYTHING! Instead of putting the nail clippers in the box in the hall closet, he’ll toss them in a drawer in the kitchen. He’ll pick up a pair of pliers and throw them in with the nail clippers. After a few days, I’ll go through the drawer and have to put away spools of thread, pliers, nail clippers, ink pens, safety pins, staplers, combs, aspirin, dental floss, etc. It takes me forever to put everything where it goes and then it starts all over again. I thought he might have taken my MP3 player upstairs to the treadmill where it belongs and discovered he has two new boxes of computer crap stored on my treadmill. Damn! This is one of those I love you “in spite of” things I was telling you about. I’ve been trying to get him to stop doing this for 30 years and it’s not going to happen!

12:00 – Perseverance paid off. I made DH get up and he looked for a few minutes and found my MP3 in the drawer of the sidetable in the family room. I did the 3 more miles workout but really upped the speed. I got up to 3.7 for about 5 minutes and then did a couple minutes at 3.8. Spent a lot of time at 3.6. After it was all done, I managed 5.25 miles and burned 820 calories. I feel really good about getting a workout in this morning. Now I’m going to go on a junk rampage.

5:30 – Okay, I did a closet purge and made DH do one as well.  I really didn’t have a lot to get rid of because I did a purge two or three weeks ago but DH filled TWO garbage bags.  Actually, I think he could fill a third but that would be pushing my luck.  I bought him a really nice jogging suit three years ago and he’s never worn it.  The tags are still on it.  When I gave it to him, I could tell he didn’t like it and I offered to take it back but he swore that he would wear it.  Today, I said, “You need to get rid of that jogging suit.”

“No, I’m not getting rid of it.  It’s brand new!”

“It’s brand new because you’ve never worn it!  You don’t need it.”

“I’m still not giving it to Goodwill.  It’s never been worn!”

“That’s my point!  It’s never going to be worn if it sits in the closet.  Get rid of it!”

He gives me that stubborn look and hangs it back in the closet.  It’s kind of like the 1970 Honda 450 he’s had at the side of the house for 25 years and the organ and amplifier he has upstairs from when he was in a band in 1968.  I don’t get it.

I didn’t dream that it would take this long to clear out the dressers and closet in our bedroom but I’m tired and I’m calling it a day.  Maybe it took so long because I tried on everything in the closet and got rid of it if it didn’t make me happy.  It seems like I’ve been trying on clothes all day.  I did manage to get most of my stuff taken care of but I still have all the shelves in the closet and the storage tubs under the bed.


delitaagain says 30th August @ 11:53

LOL Pat! So “life”! I spent my first hour today waiting for my roommate to wake. ;-/ Not the way I planned to start my day. Of course, I did find things to do. I’m glad I don’t life with someone who puts things away like that, though. So good that you recognize you can’t change him. He’s probably worth keeping anyway! Have a better day! Isn’t Eryn “Confessions of a Bulk Eater?” I haven’t got this down yet.

Joy says 30th August @ 13:02

Wow, you so inspire me. I only did 45 minutes and was sloooow today and only went up to 3.4 mph. You were trucking!
LOL I just have to laugh about your DH. That is like my DH and allllll my sons! LOL
You are right I was too hard on WW. I just think it is time for me to move on to counting my own calories and carbs and take more responsibilty for my weight loss. You have a fantastic weekend Patty.

realcdn says 30th August @ 15:32

Pat – I think this is it – http://3fatchicks.com/diet-blogs/erynsjourney/

brseay says 30th August @ 19:21

I know you’re tired after cleaning the closets but that sounds like an ideal day to me. Now that summer’s over I miss having the ability to clean and organize things. Gee, maybe if I had cleaned and organized a bit more over the summer I wouldn’t seem so overwhelmed right now!!

Joy says 30th August @ 21:38

I love that feeling of purging things from around the house that I do not need anymore. Old clothes, books, nic nacs, etc…..
You sound like you had a full day. I hope you are able to rest on Sunday or Monday.
Thanks for your support Patty. You helped to give me some courage and spunk. 😉

eryn76 says 30th August @ 22:40

Glad you found me, Pat!!! Have a great weekend. I did a drawer purge the other day too. Still have lots to do on that front.

anngirl says 30th August @ 23:13

Awesome job on the cleaning useless stuff outta the house. there’s an amazing sense of wonderfulness that comes about from just this seemingly mundane task.

Awesome that you got dh to get in the act too 🙂

You are doing quite well on your exercise Ms. Pat. I commend you as I sit here with my thighs taking up the entire length of this 7 foot couch….

Gumption! good grief!

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