hmmm…15 minutes before I have to get my shower. Spa or blog? Later, girls!

Okay, I should have blogged. The spa wasn’t that great. It’s incredibly humid outside and the air was heavy and sticky. Not even a hint of a breeze. It’s overcast and I couldn’t see the moon or the stars. What’s on the agenda for the weekend? Pam and I are supposed to drive to Edinburgh after work today. The Outlet Mall is supposed to have a fantastic Labor Day Sale. We should be able to get there around 5:30 or so this afternoon and we can shop for two or three hours and then head home.

Could have sworn I heard a little giggle as Mr. Scale rolled up to 170 this morning. Okay, buddy. My bad. Sometimes the wine just calls your name, you know what I mean?

Let’s see…what else is on the agenda this weekend? Major overhaul on our bedroom. I have clothes stuffed in every drawer, the closet, the big bench at the foot of the bed, and plastic tubs under the bed. Everytime we open the closet, shoes spill out onto the floor and it takes ten minutes to find a match for the one I choose. Should be fun!

9:30 p.m. – Busy day! I just got home from shopping. Found several good buys and a couple of great buys! I got two metal belts that were originally $60.00 each for $7.00 each. One of them is made of 3 strands of silver and amethyst colored beads and the other is gold and silver. I also got a black leather purse, a black travelknit blouse with a metal medallion on the front, a gorgeous black and white jacket, a red jacket, a pair of green jacquard pants and a pair of deep pink jacquard pants, a pair of white sandals, and a really pretty orange necklace made of beading. They had a fabulous black pantsuit for evening wear that was just gorgeous marked down from $169.00 to $9.99. I racked my brain for someone who could wear it but they only had it in small and I couldn’t think of anyone. I have friends that can wear a petite small but not a regular small. It made me sick to walk away from it because the beading was fabulous! I also picked out a black and white travelknit skirt to go with the blouse and I loved it but Pam absolutely would not let me buy it. She said it was too big. I had a hard time walking away from it and I’m still wishing I’d gotten it. I thought it looked good but I bow to the higher authority. Pam said it was too big and I tried to argue the point but got nowhere. Since I’m trying to stop wearing stuff that’s too baggy, I gave in.

I arrived at work this morning to find a card and a beautiful red vase with a gorgeous bouquet of cut flowers on my desk. The flowers are a mixture of roses, lilies, and exotic blossoms. Not the ordinary kind of bouquet you find at the Kroger checkout but a very fragrant and beautiful arrangement. It was a gift from Phyllisann’s son. I’ve been trying to help him through an online geometry course that he had to take and it hasn’t been easy for him. He presevered, however, and passed the final yesterday. It was such a sweet and unexpected gift that I was really touched. It’s the unexpected things in life that bring so much joy and happiness!

Alright chickies, I hear the spa calling! I can soak for a while and then hit the bed and sleep in tomorrow.  Yes, Friday is a very good thing.



Joy says 29th August @ 6:33

Your phone takes great photo’s. That student took one fantastic photo of you.
Do NOT worry about the little gain from the wine. It WILL come off! I hope that you have a wonderful day at school. It is easier somehow when it is Friday to endure a day . You deserve some serious shopping time. You have fun!

Joy says 29th August @ 19:36

How did shopping go? Did you have fun? I hope so.

leighish says 29th August @ 23:02

hey! Kroger can make some pretty nice arrangements if you special order them 🙂 Maybe I just want to stick up for my place of employment. Ew! what is the matter with me?!

Joy says 30th August @ 6:45

Awwww! That was so sweet of him to be so thoughtful. That can be rare in some of this generation. YIKES! did I just say that??? I am old!
You look like you had such a great time shopping. I am glad that you had such a good time. You deserve it with all of the hard work you have been doing.

ps thanks for the calorie counter on your site. Huge help.

round says 30th August @ 8:19

Patty, you’ll wrestle that 170 number into submission in no time. I’m so glad to see you’re still consistent w the blogging and keeping yourself on track – quite an inspiration.

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