Gimme an eight!

Weighed 168.5 this morning! That’s 16EIGHT.5. That’s a nice start for what’s otherwise looking like a pretty lame day. Don’t know why I’m feeling so blah. Let’s see..let’s just do “stream of conciousness” here for a couple of minutes…



don’t know what to wear…gonna get dirty…
my neck and face look old..
gotta meet Pam at the gym this afternoon for water aerobics…
slight headache…
DS is going to need to pick up the boys after school…
don’t have the lesson ready for my students yet…
gotta gas up the car on the way to work…
I look like my Mom…(sigh)

I don’t know why I’m in a funk. Phyllisanne and I are cutting school this afternoon. The new principal wants to spruce up the flower beds around the school and Phyllisanne is supposed to find some cheap plants. I told her about Habitat so we’re cutting last period and driving over there. New plants come in on Tuesday afternoons so they ought to have something decent. I know I might get dirty dealing with the plants so I don’t get to wear one of the nice outfits today. Let me see what I can find…

6:30 a.m. – Okay, I figured it out. I’m going to wear a nice outfit but the pants are orange so they shouldn’t really get dirty and I’m taking an orange tee shirt so I can throw it on before we head to Habitat. Phyllisanne is so damn cute! Hope she doesn’t steal Habitat Guy from me.

5:30 – Finally got home.  Didn’t get to cut school today.  Phyllisanne couldn’t get away so we had to go after school was out.  I drove home, dropped the boys off and then we headed over to Habitat.  Got some great plants for a good price.  Not a great price (the old lady was there) but a good price.

Pam cancelled the gym for this evening.  The doctors may have finally figured out what’s going on with her.  It’s beginning to look like her gall bladder is the culprit.  She still has to have a few more appointments to try to figure out the best approach for dealing with it.  I was actually glad that she cancelled.  DS called and it looks like DIL is getting ready to go off the deep end again.  That’s got me upset at the moment and I really didn’t feel like going to the gym when she’s acting up again.  She’s definitely manic and has been for several days.  I told him he’d better line up a babysitter and find a car because she’s probably getting ready to take off again.  He wanted me to call and try to talk to her.  I’ve had pretty good results when I’ve done that in the past but I’m so tired of it.  After she took off and left him and the kids for two years and he finally got full custody and then let her come back, I told him I wouldn’t get caught in the middle anymore.  I’m trying really hard to keep that committment.  It’s too emotionally draining to deal with her when she’s like this and I really don’t want to get dragged into it.  It’s sad, really, but he needs to accept that this is the way she is and he either has to deal with it himself, or take the kids and walk away.

On a brighter note, here’s today’s outfit.  I love these orange pants!  Actually, I love the jacket, too.  The other picture (without the jacket) is there because DH took it when I wasn’t ready and I was cutting up and it actually looks like me.  I can’t figure out the pictures I’ve taken lately.  They don’t look like me.  This one does and that’s why it’s there. 


Joy says 26th August @ 6:44

Oh Pat, sorry you are in a funk BUT
~Your plan for the outfit sounds smart
~I have seen your photo’s you do NOT look old!
~water arobics will feel great
~sorry about the headache I hope it goes away fast.
~Wing the lesson they will never know 😉
~I hate gassing the car too
~ Your mom must be beautiful!
GGOD for you, cut that last class and have some fun! Make sure Phyllisanne has a huge hunk of spinach in her teeth before the plant guy sees her! LOL I am just kidding. Patty I am so proud of you at 168!!! That is so fantastic! GOOD JOB! You are the skinny minnie I want to be. 🙂

Joy says 26th August @ 6:45

GOOD for you sorry about sp.

irishcoda54 says 26th August @ 8:32

I agree w/Joy, go have some fun with Phyllisanne 🙂 I get in a funk sometimes when I look in the mirror and realize I look like my mom, think that’s pretty universal lol. I also get in a funk wondering how baggy my skin is going to look around my face and arms and tummy. Good thing funks pass.

leighish says 26th August @ 9:07

yay patty! that habitat guy is going to be falling all over himself. Why, that lady that I have a total crush on looks like she weighs 1FIFTY8.5!! hubba hubba!

leighish says 26th August @ 12:59

I think rob is much cuter than charlie sheen and jon cryer. Combined. The kid however…might be cute. but James beats the pants off of all of them anyway. Lets face it, I just got lucky. I get to be surrounded by the cutest boys in the world.

brseay says 26th August @ 13:17

Be careful…wearing all orange and doing manual labor people may confuse you with an inmate who is on work release. I’ll watch for you on the next episode of “Cops.” Have a great time, though, ditching school.

grabthebull says 26th August @ 13:43

168.5 and in a funk?! dammit beotch, snap out of it.

leighish says 26th August @ 17:52

finally a smile!!!! 😀

susan says 26th August @ 18:37

I’m gonna skip right to that bright note of yours.

That happy smile in a happy-colored outfit AT 1 HUNDRED & 60-freakin’ happy-8 POUNDS!

delitaagain says 26th August @ 18:44

My goodness, Pat, you look like a real person, no like one of us fat chicks who needs to be on a diet. (Oh, does that comment say a lot about me.) Yikes, you look… good! WooHoo to you on the big “eight!”

leighish says 26th August @ 19:06

no problemo, patty! you’ve made me smile most days too!

Joy says 26th August @ 20:13

Patty, soory DIL is putting you all through the wringer again. I think that you are wise to NOT get in the middle. You do NOT need that stress!
I LOVE that photo with you smiling. That blouse is too cute!

Joy says 26th August @ 20:14

you are sooooooooo stinking skinny!!!! 🙂

feathers says 26th August @ 20:40

I’m just doing the 168.5 dance for you and I love your “outfit of the day” photos. Love your choice of colours, too. Poss and Beloved both reckon that orange should be banned from all clothing but they are wrong. It’s my favourite colour and I wear it as much as possible. YOu look fabulous and I love also getting the little peeks into your home and garden.

eryn76 says 26th August @ 21:01

Congrats on the 168.5. After working 5 years at Home Depot, I abhor the color orange but I know it looks good on me. **sigh** go figure. Hope you get out of your funk!

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