5:15 – The last five minutes I’ve been taking off the nail polish I put on last night.  The more I look at it, the more I hate it.  It’s one of those dark red/purple/brownish colors.  I never would have bought this shade but a friend gave it to me with the remark, “This color is way too dark for me but it would look great on you.”  Not!

169.5 is visiting this morning.  “Nice to see ya, Buddy, but could ya clear out and make room for some of the other 60s?” Okay, off to the showers.

8:00 – Things are not looking good.  The air conditioning is out in our building and we have very few windows in the building.  (Of course, this is our new look for schools these days.  If there aren’t any windows, the kids can’t throw bricks through em.)  They’re saying it’s because the electric went out during last night’s storm.  What storm????  There wasn’t any storm at my house and everything in my refrigerator is spoiled.  It would not have spoiled and gotten warm in a few hours.  This power must have gone out Friday or Saturday.  I’m tossing an unopened half gallon of soy milk, 5 Lean Cuisines, 5 cartons of yogurt, and a sloppy mess of melted fudgesicles.  Our on-line grading and attendance program is down and e-mail is down.  My pain-in-the-ass co-worker, PAUL (Pitiful, Arrogant, Upchuck, Lowlife), is on my nerves BIG TIME.  Jerk!  Doesn’t look good, cookies!

3:45 – Couldn’t wait to get out of the building and away from Pitiful, Arrogant, Upchuck Lowlife!  He was driving me crazy today.  Some of you may remember him from last year.  Yeah, he’s still there.  Me?  I just try to do my job.  I don’t run to the administration every time I do something good and say, “Look!  It’s Me, ME, ME!”  He’s truly perfecting the art of avoiding any kind of work that doesn’t have any glory attached to it and then grabbing every bit of the credit for the glamourous stuff.  I like to think that everyone knows he’s not a team player but it still irritates the Hell out of me.  I try to word things with “We did this” or “We decided to do this” or “We’re thinking this might be the solution to the problem.”  Pitiful, Arrogant, Upchuck Lowlife is good at taking all the credit for things that many of us worked on.  I suppose I could run around behind him and say, “You know, he didn’t really do that.  I did!”  but it goes against the grain.  Today, he took the credit for something I’ve been working on for two weeks and ran to the new principal to tell her that “I got this finished!  It’s all taken care of.  If you need anything else from me, just let me know!”  I think Toby Keith wrote a song for this guy.

Okay, enough bitching.  I’m home now.  Andrew still can’t take a decent picture.  Maybe it’s the subject.  He spent a good twenty minutes trying to take a picture of my outfit.  He got my feet, he got my head, he got my torso without a head or feet, he got me leaning sideways, etc.  By the time he got this picture, I was getting pretty cranky.  Maybe tomorrow, I’ll just take a picture of the clothes on the hanger!


susan says 25th August @ 8:04

I read somewhere that we wimins of a certain age should embrace pink nail polish. To go with our Barbie shoes?

grabthebull says 25th August @ 10:47

PAUL? love that. what can i do with VIRGINIA? cuz that’s mine. oh, the poor fudgesicles.


patty says 25th August @ 11:02

OH! It’s a challenge now. How about Vile, Inept, Rat-Ghetto, Irritating, Necrotic, Inhuman Ass!

brseay says 25th August @ 13:32

Man, the chaos of the computer system going down in a school. I’m sending good vibes your way.

Joy says 25th August @ 15:57

That color sounds too BLAH for you Patty. You need to match your jackets with fun colors!
I would send a name your way from my church to do that game with but I better not. 😉
That is too bad about the food all going bad. That happened to us once during the big blackout a few years ago. We just did a shopping and the electricity went that night. We lost all of our food!!!!
I hope the rest of your day goes better and you have a wonderful night at home.

Joy says 25th August @ 18:36

I love that outfit! Mine are so zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. I keep waiting to get nice stuff until I am thinner so i keep dressing zzzzzzzzzz so boring! I like your style!

leighish says 25th August @ 19:02

PATTY! I just had to tell you that I shared your panty disaster today. Seems I was always slipping into the freezer to fix my panties. Woohoo! go us!

susan says 25th August @ 19:32

Patty, girl, your putting your flowers to shame in that bright happy outfit. Don’t let the Habitat Guy see you in that.

Rats on your food spoilage. Just the kind of thing to happen on a Monday. On the bright side, you could have inocently offered P.A.U.L. some of that yogurt…

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