Mundane Sunday

I really need to take care of some boring, mundane stuff today. Need to clean the house, do the laundry, fertilize the flowers, blah, blah, blah…

DIL called last night and asked me to watch Jake and Scout for a couple of hours today so she could attend a funeral. I checked the pool yesterday and the temp was up to 80 degrees. Maybe they’ll want to take an end of the season swim. Pam said she wants to meet at the gym today but she didn’t say what time. I’ll call her in a little bit and see what she wants to do. No sense in writing anymore at the moment because there’s nothing exciting to write about…(unless you’d call marinating a pork loin exciting and I don’t think that qualifies)

6:30 – Yep! It’s been a pretty boring day. The most exciting thing was watching the pork loin marinate. You’re right, Susan, it’s pretty hot stuff! Let’s see, aside from that…I met Pam at the gym for an hour of water aerobics and then a few minutes in the sauna. Stopped by K-Mart on the way home to pick up a prescription and a new shower curtain liner. Oh, I also picked up Reynolds Wrap. Came home and fertilized the flowers in the front yard, washed dishes, washed clothes, set the oven to clean, folder clothes, wiped out the oven. Put the pork loin on to roast and here we are. (yawn) I’d say today has been pretty uneventful.

10:30 – I’ve gotta stop working in the flower beds every weekend.  Every Sunday night I have to do my nails because they’re all gross and broken and dirty.  I don’t like wearing colored nail polish either.  I have pretty nice nails and can usually get away with clear polish because it looks pretty good.  With the weekend gardening, I can never get them completely clean and I have to wear colored polish and then sit here and look at the walls while I’m waiting for it to dry.  I think it’s dry enough for me to hit the bed now.

Have a good Monday, chickadees!


susan says 24th August @ 11:00

Well, it does have the word “loin” in it.

Joy says 24th August @ 17:49

LOL Susan you kill me 😆

Your day today is the day I am going to have Monday. At least yours will be behind you. smile 🙂

I am sending yoiu a few of my flower photo’s from my sorry excuse of a garden. to you e-mail addy.
Have a nice night and relax.

brseay says 24th August @ 20:32

It’s nice to have days like that every once in a while to get focused on the week ahead. I don’t know about you, but I function better when all of my little chores are done. Are you going to wear one of your new outfits tomorrow?

patty says 24th August @ 22:06

I don’t know, Brandie. I may have to call in sick because I can’t decide which one to wear. 🙂

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