Almost forgot that it was time to take monthly measurements.  Here’s the table.


Now, here’s the analysis…  A total of 7.75 inches.  I really don’t know if that’s good or not because I have nothing to compare it to.  What’s normal?  I don’t have a clue.  I think it’s pretty good but that may be wishful thinking.  Interesting trends…hips and legs seem to be the areas of biggest loss.  Probably because I’m running myself ragged on the treadmill or jogging in the pool.  Obviously, it’s going to take some upper body exercises to see any effect on the bust, midriff, arms, and waist.  What’s the deal with that left calf getting bigger??? 


round says 19th June @ 7:41

i think it’s EXCELLENT – congrats! There is a lot less of Patty these days!

kiki says 19th June @ 11:05

Excellent job and keep it up Ms. Pat!

jadelabyrinth says 19th June @ 11:07

Good job, Patty, it is good! Keep it up and pretty soon people won’t recognize you. 😛 I’m a bit baffled about your left leg getting bigger too.. When in the pool do you perhaps go in a circle or always turn the same way working the left leg more than the right? Or maybe you just measured in a bit of a different place.

findingjoy says 20th June @ 6:43

wow Patty! That is a great loss in inches. Good job!

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