It’s so good

Yesterday afternoon was so sensual.  I can’t help wondering how much it had to do with finishing school.

I left the building at 3:00 and started walking down the sidewalk to the parking lot and was engulfed in the sweet smell of clover.  The sun was shining, (83 degrees) and I just had to stop and take in the fragrance.  I didn’t notice it during the day when I made several trips out to my car but it was unbelievably sweet when I left.

At home, I unpacked the car and worked on vacation plans before dinner.  I went out to the spa about 10:00 p.m. and it was raining.  This was the first “summer” rain of the year.  There was no lightning or thunder, just a gentle breeze and a warm, summer rain.  It was wonderful to be sitting in the spa with hot water up to my shoulders and have the rain washing my face and neck.  The spa is located on my patio and a canopy of leaves from a big old maple tree overhangs it.  I laid back and watched the branches swaying in the breeze.  Every once in a while, the breeze would change direction and a deluge of water would fall from the leaves, leaving me drenched.  I could have sat out there forever.  The trees in my backyard provide us with dense shade and I frequently make a “mental” decision to cut a couple of them down so we can get more sunlight on the pool but I never follow through with the decision.  It seems so callous to cut down trees that have been there for more than 50 years.  I always remember what my grandson said when we were sitting in the spa almost 15 years ago and he was just a little squirt.  It was a fabulous summer night and he looked up and shouted, “Look, Nana, the trees are dancing!”  and they were, indeed, swaying in the breeze almost magically.

On more practical issues…We didn’t get to meet the new principal yesterday.  The selection committee has narrowed it down to two men and a woman but the final decision won’t be made until Thursday and they’ll email all of us on Friday.  My friend, Phyllisanne, a tiny little bundle of energy who teaches at the school and is involved in absolutely everything shared a recent statement that our retiring principal made during a staffing meeting that was very complimentary about me.  Strange man…I worked for him for four years and never got a handle on how he felt about me.  I always found him to be difficult to read and didn’t think he appreciated or respected me.  I never talked to him about it because we never seemed to form that kind of relationship where I felt at ease around him.  I just did my job the best that I could and never thought he noticed my contributions.  I won’t go into the details but there’s a coworker who really wants my job and he’s spent a lot of time taking credit for my accomplishments and undermining my worth.  Many times, I was hurt by his actions but I would just vent to my friends and keep on doing what I do.  I always thought my coworker had snowballed the principal but I just let it be because I didn’t know what else to do and it seemed to be so shallow to run to the boss and say, “He didn’t do any of this.  I did it all!  It’s all me, me me!”  Now, as he’s leaving, he voices his thoughts to Phyllisanne that he knows exactly what’s been going on.  I’m left feeling somewhat vindicated but wondering why he never shared this with me.  Then again, perhaps he felt that the best thing to do was to ignore the situation the same way I tried to.  The coworker will be there next year but he will not be happy with his assignment.  Phyllisanne told me the decision was made to leave me in my position while he will be removed from his and knocked down quite a few notches in his assignment for next year.  I don’t find any joy in this.  He’s a very capable individual who knows his stuff but he chose to get ahead by manipulation and cut throat tactics that didn’t work.

Other stuff…Our vacation is a 5,800 mile loop that takes us from Louisville, Ky, northwest to North Dakota and Montana, south through lots of National Parks to Las Vegas and then southeast to El Paso, Texas before turning northeast for home.  While in El Paso, DH was going to have some extensive dental work done in Juarez, Mexico for about a fourth of what it costs here.  I won’t go into a lot of details but we know some people who have done this and have been very pleased with the results.  I’ve also done a lot of research on it and we feel confident with this decision.  His dental work will cost $2,000 instead of $8,700 and the insurance will cover $1,000.  So, we planned on staying in El Paso for five days.  Looking at the schedule and talking with the dental clinic, we’ve decided that it would work out a lot better to reverse the loop and go to El Paso first.  He’ll get his dental work done the first week and we’ll be on our way.  That means I have to redo all the vacation plans by reversing the route.  Guess I’ll work on that today.

Finally…(boy, I had a lot of stuff on my mind!) this is supposed to be a diet blog so let me pause while I go weigh myself…

183 is still my friend.  I’m grateful to him for hanging around during this week of inactivity but I’d like to move on.  My goal for June 1 is still three pounds away and I only have four days to get there.  I’m going to do my best to hit the treadmill in a couple of hours.  We’ll see how it goes.

12:10 – WhoooooHooooo!  I did it!  Managed the treadmill for an hour and 15 minutes.  Worked my way all the way up to 10% incline.  Burned 430 calories and went 3.4 miles!  The broken toe hurt for the first couple of minutes and settled into a “not too bad” little flinch with every step for the first five minutes.  After that, it was just sore but I kept going until it smoothed out.  I didn’t want to push the speed so I only went 2.8 mph the entire time (wanted to have time to plant that foot down without slamming it).  I’m sooooo happy!  I wanted to quit so bad the first thirty minutes or so but kept hanging in till I got to 10% in five minute increments and then started back down.  By the end, I was comfortable (although HOT!  Someone stole my fan!) and knew I could have continued had I chosen to.  I doubt if I’ll be able to meet my goal for June 1st but it won’t be for lack of trying and I won’t beat myself up if it doesn’t happen.

1:30 Continuing with pure, sensory indulgence…

Maple trees
I went out to the spa and noticed how beautiful the flowers are.  My roses are blooming, baptiste is fabulous, clematis and columbine are full of blooms.  I laid back in the spa and floated around looking at the leaves.  Went inside and got the camera to capture them and then floated around some more.  I saw a hummingbird in the garden (a reminder to me that it’s time to wash, fill, and put out the feeders for the summer) and a couple of beautiful yellow finches.  I suppose I should  do something useful today but it’s so refreshing to know that I don’t have to. 9:00 p.m.
The day is finally winding down.  I had a nice dinner.  Tortilla soup and a whole grain tortilla with melted fat free cheese and jalapenos.  I also made a blueberry Clafoutis (sp?) using round’s recipe.  Delicious.

Granddaughter Holly is spending the night for a birthday treat.  Tomorrow, we’re going to have a “girlie” day and go shopping.  For now, we’re headed out to the spa.  No boys allowed!


realitymom says 28th May @ 11:38

I so enjoyed your brilliant description of your spa experience. I felt as tho I was there w/ you (in a completely innocent, non-invasive way! lol). Congrats on learning your hard work & achievements WERE noticed & appreciated. Validations are wonderful blessings, especially when they are unexpected. Your vacation sounds AMAZING! I am 33, but when our babies(6 & 2) are grown & living their own lives, my dream is to travel, specifically the way you & your husband are planning! (well, w/out the dental visit! lol Tho, how wonderful your DH is able to get work done at such a great price. Doesn’t say much for our health industry does it?)
Enjoy your summer break! ~RM

round says 28th May @ 13:15

I’m really impressed w the workout you did despite the handy “my toe is broken” excuse! Back when I exercised (if I can remember back that far!) I often found those intervals really helpful to keep things mixed up a bit & keep me on the machines longer. Great job!

You’re really doing great, don’t get too hung up on meeting time-based goals. When you do, you beat yourself up for the 2 pounds by which you missed the goal, instead of focusing on the positive, how much you lost!

findingjoy says 28th May @ 15:06

ahhhh you make me want to have a spa (you made it sound so nice)
I love days when I notice (out of the blue) things about the world around me .
No more school for a whole summer! Good for you!
Vacation! Your vacations sounds so wonderful! I hope that you have a great time! We will not leave for ours till mid August.
GOOD JOB!!! You did it! I am so proud of you doing the treadmill! Just be careful and gentle. Great job Patty.
You keep up the fantastic work.

susan says 28th May @ 21:11

Pat, thanks for the picture of your ‘dancing trees” you are going to have a wonderful summer! Enjoy Girlie Day tomorrow!

soclose says 29th May @ 8:35

Loved yur story of being in the spa w/the warm summer rain! We have 2 river birch right behind the house that my dau. planted after an Arbor Day celebration when she was about 5. Love the summer shade but they make me run all over the yard with my tomatoes (in pots) seeking sun as I must relocate them about 4 times a day.

Don’t think I was really in your neighborhood; it was Lexington, Va.; but certainly a lot closer than usual!

Sounds like your principal was a sharp cookie, even if he wasn’t demonstrative. A pox on that co-worker!

An hour and 15 min. with a broken toe? You are my hero.

My columbine is over. Hummers have been here about a month.

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