I can’t think of a title for today’s entry. Picking up the pieces kind of fits because I’ve got to pull myself up and get back on track but I’m not really off track. I didn’t count calories yesterday but I didn’t eat much either. In fact, I just kind of picked at food and probably didn’t consume nearly enough. That might account for the scales showing 182.5 this morning. I didn’t exercise but then, there’s not a lot I can do. I have a cold and don’t feel well. In fact, I don’t even feel like writing right now.

9:30 – I thought of a better title.  Down in the Dumps is more like it.  I feel horrible today.  I have a cold and I took some DayQuil last night because NyQuil zonks me.  The DayQuil helped some but I still feel tired and weighed down.  I just cancelled going to the gym with Pam.  I actually thought I’d be able to do work out in the pool this morning but, even if I could do it with a broken toe, I still feel like crap from the cold.


susan says 25th May @ 8:14

Awww {{{Pat}}}! Feel better soon!

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