Perhaps I have some Indian ancestry.  I’m definitely a Blackfoot this morning.  At least a fourth of my foot is almost black from bruising. 

184.5 is still here.  At least that’s one thing that’s consistent.  About the rest of it…I just don’t know.  Thanks to all for the condolences.  It means a lot.  I’m not going to let this sidetrack me.  It has nothing to do with my diet except that I don’t think I’ll be standing around the kitchen cooking up exotic stuff for a few days.  It does, however, have a lot to do with exercise.  I’ll have to play around today and see what I can do.  Maybe I can ride my bike.

I was feeling sorry for myself last night and veered off track.  Dinner was a healthy meal from an Ethiopian restaurant but I didn’t even try to figure out how many calories were in it and I ate quite a bit.  And then, just because I was feeling angry at my body for betraying me (or something else?), I ordered the Baklava for dessert.  That stuff’s lethal!  I looked it up and it has about 55 calories for a cubic inch.  The order had two small triangles so I’m guessing I ate at least 300 calories worth.  Anyway, the pity party’s over.  I’ll have to see what I can figure out today.


alohadonna says 24th May @ 10:10

I never heard of counting calories by the square inch. If that is the case I eat by the square mile!

findingjoy says 26th May @ 6:28

I really hope that your foot/toe heals very soon. Take a ton of vitamin D and viactive (calcium). Is there a way you can ride a recumbant bike, do water arobics, or do a rowing machine?
Hope you feel better
By the way what is Ethiopian food like?

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