Dammit!  Dammit!  Dammit!  Dammit!  Dammit!

I broke my toe!  I was putting boxes on the top shelf in my room, took off my shoes to climb on the step stool and then my phone started ringing.  Took off for the phone and stubbed my toe on a chair.  I looked down and my little toe was sticking out at a 90 degree angle.  I popped it back in place but it was really hurting and started swelling really quickly so I decided I should probably go to the doctor even though he probably wouldn’t do anything except tell me to put ice on it.

Left work and went to the doctor, he X-Rayed and said it was broken and said I needed to see my orthopedic doctor.  I called my orthopedic surgeon and he said he was headed out the door to go to the airport and wouldn’t be back for more than a week.  I told him I didn’t see why I needed to come in anyway but he said with all the surgery I’ve had on that foot and ankle, he definitely wants to see me.  So…he said to put ice on it, tape it to the other toe, take pain pills, and come see him on June 2nd.  I’m NOT happy!


findingjoy says 23rd May @ 13:17

Oh man! Sistah Pat. I am so sorry that you broke your toe. June 2nd?! Man alive! That is a bit of a wait. I hope that you are not in too much pain. I pray that you heal VERY fast.
Take care and get some rest

brseay says 23rd May @ 15:52

How awful with school getting out. Here’s hoping that it heals fast!

findingjoy says 23rd May @ 19:57

That recipe sounds really good. I looked up whats in it. It has cloves, cardimon, ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg, some put in a touch of vanilla. Of course it says to add a ton of sugar and milk. I like your idea of lt. soy milk (oh) and it has tea in it of course LOL I forgot.
What did you get from the resteraunt? I have never had food from that kind of resteraunt before.
Feel better

round says 24th May @ 3:54

oh Pat, I’m so sorry to hear this!

Hope you’re on the mend fast and this doesn’t put a huge dent in your summer plans.

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