Damn it! I’m up another pound. WTF??? Why is this happening? The only thing I can think of is all the processed foods I’ve been eating. Lots of sodium in lunchmeat, canned soup, soy sauce, deli beef, and cheese. That’s got to be it. 190.5 lbs. I’m really disgusted.

6:00 a.m. — Okay, I couldn’t believe the scales so I weighed myself again after I took my shower and it’s showing 189.5 (same as yesterday). I must have been really dirty. I feel a little better but I should still be losing. I’m keeping a very close eye on sodium and processed foods today.

10:00 a.m. – On a brighter note…my ankle doesn’t hurt today!  I always put on my $200.00 athletic shoes with the special, custom made orthotic inserts and this time, I just ran upstairs real quick in my super-comfy ratty old pair of Reeboks and got it done before I changed my mind.  hmmm…I’m being so introspective today…all about sodium and preservatives and a super supportive, non forgiving, super sturdy pair of athletic shoes as opposed to a comfy old pair.  Maybe the orthopedic ones work so hard to keep my foot and ankle in the right position that it’s a bad thing to do the treadmill when my foot is being held so rigid.

2:30 – Yuck!  How do people eat like this?  Booooring!  I have to think of something for dinner and stop at the store on the way home.  That salad at lunch was about as entertaining as a paper sack.  Tasted like one, too.  Maybe I could do something with phyllo and fresh strawberries.  Get my problem?  Food is always on my mind.  Either I’m eating it, preparing it, or figuring out how to use it.

4:45…Stopped by the store on the way home.  It was packed with everyone getting ready for Derby this Saturday.  Anyway, I picked up Reduced sodium soy sauce (since I use so much of it), some of those beautiful strawberries, phyllo, fat free sour cream, fat free Cool Whip, veggie burgers for dinner, and some lite whole wheat buns.  So now, I’m getting creative.  I mixed a carton of sour cream and a small container of Cool Whip, threw in 5 strawberries, and Splenda.  Mashed everything up and it tastes fantastic!  So now, I’m waiting for the phyllo to thaw and then I’m going to layer it in a muffin pan with butter flavored Pam in between the sheets.  I’ll bake the phyllo till it’s brown and then spoon the Cool Whip mix in the phyllo cups.  I can slice a strawberry “fan” and put it on the top of each “tart” and maybe drizzle raspberry glaze over it.  Cool!  So far, I have 400 calories worth of Cool Whip, 300 calories worth of sour cream.  Each sheet of phyllo dough has 36 calories.  I think I have enough of the sour cream mix for at least 12 tarts.  Probably more… but that would be 700 calories worth of the filling divided by 12 or 58 calories for each tart.  hmmmm… add the phyllo…top with a strawberry….divide by the square root of 17 and subtract the full moon and that would be 99 calories for each tart.  Not bad!  Maybe I won’t add raspberry glaze.  I’ll have to try one and see if it needs it.  Off to the kitchen…

5:45 – Okay, I baked the phyllo cups and they turned out beautiful.  Added 2 tablespoons of the filling to each cup and garnished with a strawberry and OMG!  These things are to die for!  Besides that, they’re so pretty!  Turns out, I’ve made enough filling for about 48 of them instead of 12 but that just lowers the calories even more.  Each one has 60 calories and no fat.  After dinner, if there are any left, I might make some raspberry glaze and take a picture of one and post it on My Favorite Recipes.  This one is definitely a keeper.


kiki says 30th April @ 8:24

Those processed foods will throw a monkey wrench in our goals everytime. WHY do they have to taste so good?!! Don’t feel bad, I am not at my best this week. Part of me wants to say f* it and throw in the towel and finish the week out bad with burgers, fries, milkshakes and everything else. But part of me wants to clean up my act and just start fresh today, April 30th. SO FAR, I have done the latter. We will see how the rest of the day goes. Stay strong, I am keepin’ strong for the both of us.



Pat says 30th April @ 8:57

Thanks, Kiki! This will not cause me to fall off the wagon (at least not today) but it will make me take a good look at what’s going on. I went to my doctor with a food list of everything I ate for 6 weeks and a loss of only 3 pounds and she blamed it on processed foods and told me to avoid them like the plague. I thought I was being absolutely virtuous living on Healthy Choice and Lean Cuisine and she told me they should be considered “occasional treats” instead of a mainstay of my diet. I’m going to be really careful about what I eat for the next couple of days and see what happens.

kiki says 30th April @ 11:08

Good job on the quick jog! Yes, those “healthy choice” meals are packed with salt. My trainer too says to avoid them at all costs. That’s the biggest thing for me, preparing my meals. My hubby does most of the cooking at home and we may just have to start cooking for the week during the weekend to save time and energy. My short term goal is to drop 3 pounds by Sunday, but that’s damn near impossible…overall, I would like to be 160 by the end of May…that MIGHT be doable. We will see…

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