Bluesy Tuesday

Things are not starting off well.  It’s chilly and damp and supposed to rain all day.  I weighed myself this morning and I weigh 189.5.  Up 1.5 pounds!  I kind of expected it but it’s still disappointing.  Why did I expect it?  I didn’t exercise yesterday.  I went to the store after work and then came home and fixed dinner.  Then I sat in front of the TV for four hours and mindlessly munched.  I didn’t eat all that much and what I ate was healthy food but it’s still slipping into that mode of watching TV and eating.  I fixed a great salad for dinner.  So good, in fact, that I kept eating and eating.  I know anyone else would look at it and say, “Hey!  You didn’t overeat, it’s just normal weight flucuation but I know what it is.  I have a really low metabolism and I have to be really, really careful if I want to lose weight.  I didn’t exercise because I felt blah and things weren’t coming together for it. My ankle is still irritated from the treadmill and my bike is still broken.  I should have gone to the gym and worked out in the pool but I didn’t want to go by myself.

The Sistahs are all kind of laying low.  Pam is still recuperating and I haven’t heard from Jana.  I emailed them and told them I plan to go to water aerobics this afternoon but Lisa said she’s meeting with her personal trainer and I don’t know if Pam will be up to it.  At any rate, I have to go whether anyone else does or not.

10:22  I’m hungry and all my food is gone!  I always have some food here at school but I don’ t usually eat breakfast.  Now, I find myself hungry and I went to my shelf and found that my oatmeal packets are gone.  So, I went to my fridge and found that someone ate my Activia yogurt and left me their fatty (but probably delicious) Dannon yogurt.  There’s also a Slimfast shake that somebody has in there but I don’t have a clue who put it in my fridge and I don’t like them anyway.  There’s one lonely little cheese stick so I thought I’d have it with a couple of pretzels for breakfast but someone has robbed me and eaten all my pretzels.  Probably my German II students because they’re the only ones who have been in here when I wasn’t (and I can’t believe one of my coworkers would do it).  So, I ate the cheese stick which probably has a bunch of calories (it’s cheddar with habanero).

5:21 – – Late afternoon and things haven’t improved much.  Got a line of communication going with the Sistahs so maybe we can get together soon.  Pam is still not feeling well, Jana can’t get away, and Lisa is going to the gym but she’s working with her personal trainer.  We’re trying to come up with a plan for when we can all get together.

The principal dumped some work on me just as school was ending today.  Paul was supposed to do it but he’s out sick today and Ward is in a panic because he wants to send hardcopies home to parents tomorrow and needs a survey set up and instructions written into the take home copy.  Thanks, Paul…   :-[   so I got to bring work home with me.  I had trouble getting the damn survey to work correctly and I’ve been playing with it the last two hours.  So much for going to water aerobics (which starts in 2 minutes).  I planned on going to the gym and then picking up a salad at Applebees or Panera to treat myself.  Guess I’ll be stuck with finding something here.  17 more school days…

6:30 – – My willpower won the day.  I just can’t go another day without exercise so I hit the treadmill and stationary bike.  Did 15 minutes on the bike (it’s sooooo boring) and then switched to the treadmill (I know, I know…) and did 40 minutes.  My ankle felt good on the “during”, hope it still feels good on the “after”.  Now I finally get a few minutes to relax and Donnie wants me to cut his toenails, for God’s sake!

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