Spring Focus

So today I weigh in at 174.6 lbs.  which is a 0.2 lb loss – an incredible accomplishment if you saw the amount of eating I did this weekend.  There was a picnic, a bridal shower and family dinner at my Mom’s house.  I’m sure you can imagine. Spring Focus Goals for Week of May […]

Trying.. Again

So two weeks ago, I got down to 168, and today I am 174.8 lbs.  With the meds and what not I’ve gained weight.  I need to get back down. I have weddings to go to in the next two months.  I need to fit in my clothes, so I don’t have to get new […]

Not So Hot..

the weather, and me.  I am doing pretty sh*tty actually.  The last two weeks have been absolute hell.  I’ve gone completely down hill.  I knew I was feeling pretty down, what I didn’t know, was that it needed attention.  Read this for some background. So since then, the negative thoughts and self loathing have gotten […]