How does the weekend go by so fast? I can’t believe we are already at Monday. My weigh in as at 173.4 lbs.  No comment. This weekend was busy looking for a matching tile to the already existing tile in our basement.  We had a flood in August, and then a small flood after that, […]

A New Family Member

Okay so I can’t tell you how excited I am.  We are getting a beautiful cat.  He’s a white Persian cat that my husband found on craigslist.  The lady who is giving them away is pregnant and her fiance is allergic.  They will be moving to Montreal in a few months, and I am very […]

What goes down..

Must come up! Or at least that is how it works for me.  Today’s weigh in 174.8 lbs. (up 2.8 lbs) I know.. really bad.  I am quite upset, but at the same time I haven’t really done much about it. Its really quite bad what has happened over the last week Monday – 172 […]

Manic Monday

Weigh In – 172.0 lbs (-1.2 lbs since Friday) Exercise – there was a lot of cleaning, and then some dancing on Saturday, not much yesterday. So Friday, we were supposed to go to the movie, but when we went, they weren’t showing it anymore.  I had checked on Thursday and figured the same movies […]


Weight – 173.2 (same) Exercise – yesterday none.. today I did WATP The cat hunt is still on.. I’ve been searching craigslist, but I am going to wait to until DH comes home on Sunday before picking up a cat.  Thanks for the tips.. I did the google search and learned a lot. Last night […]

Post Birthday Recap

Weight – 173.2 lbs (+0.4lbs) Exercise – Nothing, unless you consider eating a form of exercise. I ate a lot yesterday. I actually was expecting a higher number.  Today I have not been a lot better.  Somewhat, only because I left all the cake, cookies and yummy assortment of tasty foods at my Mom’s house. […]

Happy Birthday Safiya!

It’s Safi’s second birthday today!  We’ve already started the damage at breakfast this morning.. I took her out for pancakes!  I’m thinking of getting Safi a cat for her birthday.  I thought it was a little bit far fetched when I first thought of it, but then I talked to my husband and he liked […]

Short and Sweet

Today’s weight – 172.6 lbs. Yesterday’s workout – 1 hour of yard work

Monday Weigh In

So the great news is that I’m 172.8 lbs today!  I lost 3.8 lbs this week!  I feel so good and not even the Halloween candy got me back up.  I was so active the last couple of days with lots of raking and cleaning of the front and backyard.  I did WATP yesterday morning […]

Halloween Recap

I stayed the same – 173.6 lbs.   So that is good news.  I haven’t even seen what candies the girls got yet so that might change by tomorrow. So yesterday, my sister came over, she gave out candy at my place and I took the girls out.  We were back in ten minutes because poor […]