I have a bad habit of starting diets, and never getting to my goal. I have a bad habit of eating unhealthy and just overall not eating well. I started on a journey to lose 30lbs my birthday back in May. So far I have only reached 10lbs lost. My birthday is in a month and a half. I do not think it’s possible to reach the thirty pound goal in a healthy way. So once again, a goal not met. This is my history.

I am 29. I will be 30 on October 12. I currently weigh 177lbs. My highest weight was 189lbs, which was on April 13th.

In high school I was in the 150 – 160 range. Then right after my senior year of high school and my freshman year of college I ballooned up and reached 172. I stayed around that weight until after my sophomore year of college. I went on the Atkins diet and lost almost 30lbs. At my lowest I was 145. My junior year I started at 155 and by the end of the year was back up to 165. I stayed this weight for most of my junior and senior year. Right after I graduated I met my husband and began again to gain weight. I reached 178 and decided to lose weight. I again lost 20lbs or so – only this time the healthy way. I got back down to 155lbs and was proud of myself. The only issue was I almost immediately began to gain it back. I got up to 165 and managed to stay around the weight.

In September of 2009 my husband and I got married. I was around 165 when we married. After we got married I started again to gain weight, and got up to 182. I was 182 when I got pregnant with my son. I somehow only managed to gain 15lbs while I was pregnant (although I ate EVERYTHING!). When I got home from the hospital I weighed LESS then before I was pregnant – 179.

After going back to work, and dealing with being unhappy and stressed, I gained weight again and clocked in at my highest – 189. I decided then I needed to lose weight. I started weight watchers and began to lose weight. I got down to 175 – and I’ve stayed there. I keep losing and gaining the same 5 lbs. I’ll eat great for a week, lose the weight and then blow it the next week. IT NEEDS TO STOP.

I am not doing myself, or my son, justice by being unhealthy. I am not happy with my looks, and eventually I want to have another child. I don’t want to get pregnant at 182lbs again. I want to be at a good starting weight so I have less to lose after. So it’s time to get serious.

I have been using the daily plate. I like it. I can no longer afford weight watchers so I am going to try to count calories instead. So far I like it better then Weight Watchers because it seems easier to me. I also am back to exercising. My goal is 5times a week.

So I’m going to do this. And I’m going to check in here once a week – on Mondays – to document progress (I may stop in more but am making myself write once/week.).

Here’s to health.