Lactos free?

Yesterday I decided to go lactos free for a few weeks, I’ve had stomach problems fro a couple of years but its worse now than ever – and lactos is an obvious culprit especially as I love all things dairy so much.  My partner is also going lactos free at the moment so as I have all his lactos free dairy prooducts in the house already it seemed like a good time to try it.

So far I’ve decided I don’t like soya milk, but I might try one of the flavoured milks, my partner tried almond milk last week which he really liked, maybe that’ll be abit better.  The butter tastes the same, I even made fairy cakes with butter icing yesterday – completely dairy free but not diet friendly – but they were delicious.

I’ve also found dairy free chocolate, its quite expensive but I think I might actually prefer it to normal milk chocolate, the only option is my local supermarket is little packets of buttons, orange chocolate or just plain, and they’re both lovely.  But at 154kcals a pack I need to limit myself to one packet per day, which I am not good at.

I made porridge for breakfast again today – disaster! It wasn’t good, I ate half but didn’t enjoy it. I think it just might be that porridge doesn’t do well when it has to sit for half an hour between me making it and eating it.  Its still hot when I eat it but it just doesn’t taste nice, any suggestions for quick easy breakfasts would be good. 🙂


kisskiss says 4th December @ 12:37

I’ve tried soy milk and I Hated it! I really like almond milk. I also like Lactaid milk. IMO it tastes great and it lasts way longer than regular milk.

as for breakfast, I am no help, I don’t usually have time for it. What about something like cream of wheat? or may be oatmeal with granola?

oopsadaisy says 4th December @ 13:26

I want to try the almond milk but during the few days off lactos I was iller (not a word) than ever, possibly I’m allergic to soya. I’m very much back on the lactos now.

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