Another day…

Well, Lee is here this weekend and to be honest I can’t be bothered, I have planned all our meals in advance and assuming I don’t snack I should stay within my calorie limit - porridge - about 4 tbsps(it wasn’t very nice), coffee, two cheese and salad rolls for lunch, hot chocolate - 120kcals, and a jacket potato with 2 boiled eggs for dinner.  Sounds reasonable?  Until I mention that the jacket potato is from the local veg man and is the size of my head but only 40p!!! Bargain! - But even with that, I shouldn’t be going crazy over 2000kcals.

So fingers crossed I can stay off the snacks.

In other news, I’ve found a storage company and boxes, and confirmed the van man (my brother) for when I move :D Moving day getting closer!! 35 days until I move!

Also found out this morning, the company I work for are starting a competition, 5 teams, which ever team wins gets an undisclosed prize, the looser’s team - their manager performs an also unknown forfeit - I’m dying to know the forfeit - maybe it’ll be worth loosing to know my manage has to do it - evil right?? Lmao.

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