Okay! Day 1 on my blog.  I’m also going to call this day 1 of my diet, yesterday didn’t really count as I only found these sites half way through the day. 

Breakfast I always find a problem, I have to leave for work by 8.45am and I am not a morning person so getting up earlier to eat isn’t an option, I’d be out cold in my porridge and end up late for work. So as I only live a short walk from work and I can eat at work, I’ve decided to start making my porridge and bringing it to work, shame its lukewarm once I eat it but I can deal with that.  Problem is I’m not good at making porridge. First day it was too dry and I barely got through a few spoons full.  Yesterday I was in a rush and forgot to put honey on it – silly woman – and was boring and yukky. Today was better, I remembered the honey and everything – still abit bland and I don’t want to add extra honey, so I’m thinking maybe cinnamon. Mmmmmm 🙂

I’ve already cooked my meals for the rest of the day 🙂 cold bacon, pea and omelette risotto for lunch (don’t knock it till you try it, its goood 🙂 ) and leftover absoultely delicious spaghetti, chicken and veggies in sauce for dinner.  Now I just have to avoid binging after dinner. No shreddies for me tonight, lots of drinks instead. 


Oh dear! It just took me about 5 minutes to find the save button lmao


narnia99 says 23rd November @ 21:28

I am horrible at making porridge too, lol. Cinnamon is great for adding flavor. Another thing I like to add are diced apple pieces.

oopsadaisy says 27th November @ 3:09

I’ve tried cinnamon too but no yuk, apple sounds good though, I’ll have to give that a try. 🙂

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