It’s been a while….

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I haven’t posted in a while. I was feeling pretty down after no loss for a couple of weeks and then a gain. I didn’t have blood work done. I saw my oncologist and he was so excited at the losses I have had, that he suggested I take a break and then get back on program for a fresh start. So, I pretty much did that.

I phased off over the course of a few weeks. (One week on P2, one week on P3, then one week on P4.) Then I took a week off from all thoughts of dieting and spent Halloween week in Las Vegas. The day after arriving home I started back on Phase 1. In three days I lost the 8 pounds I’d gained over the four weeks. (Most of it that week in Vegas.)

I’m back to where I started before phasing off. I’m enthusiastic about losing weight again.

Now, I’ve also started alternatives. The phasing off weeks showed me that I was spending way too much money on IP (our budget began to recover), and I started researching (on the 3FC forums) alternative products. I placed an order that arrived the day before our vacation. I was pretty excited to start all over again with a new variety of products. I’ve seen that others are doing well with alternatives, and I plan to become less of a “lurker” and more of a participant in the 3FC forums.

Wish me luck.

Can’t Figure This Out

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After that 1/2 pound gain, I’ve had two weeks with no loss, AND a 2 pound gain last week. 

My coach is puzzled, too, because the inches continue to come off and the blood pressure continues to drop. She spoke with one of my physician and he recommended that I have a blood draw to test for thyroid issues. Unfortunately, I’ll be seeing my oncologist in a coupld of weeks and he’ll be changing my cancer meds. (My weight loss has made this a requirement. That’s a good problem.) I’m going to see if the oncologist will run the thyroid test as part of the blood panel run for my appointment with him. Otherwise I’m going to wait until I’ve been on the new cancer medication for a bit before having the test run to see what the new meds do to my body.

Other than that, all is going well. I’m anxious to get under the 200 pound mark so I can get my pink ribbon tattoo. (My prize to myself for losing nearly 60 pounds!) Only four pounds to go, if I can get the scale going in the right direction again, that is!

Next week I begin phasing off to get ready for a Vegas vacation at the end of the month. My coach will have me in each phase for a week so that I’ll be in maintenance by the time we travel. Then it will be back to Phase I. If I don’t see a drop at the end of that week back OP, then I’ll demand that thyroid test.

Uh, Oh! A gain! :(

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Last week’s weigh-in showed a 1/2 pound gain. My coach did all the measuring and testing and everything else was down. 1/2″ lost on chest, waist & hips, each. 1/4″ lost on upper arm & thigh, each. Body fat percentage down .25%. Blood pressure down, too. So…….what caused the gain?

We think it may be the exercise I’ve added almost every day. This week my weight was down 2 1/2 pounds. My body must have had to adjust to the exercise. I haven’t added any extra protein, just more water. I don’t exercise heavily, just a 30 minute walk at about 2 1/2 miles per hour with my black lab, Onyx.

Both my coach and I were happy to see the loss this week. I’m going to keep going with what I’m doing and see if things even out over the next couple of weeks.

Fair Food, Illness, and IP

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Well, this past week was fair week here. And I LOVE fair food. All that deep-fried goodness. LOL. This year there was NOTHING deep-fried on MY plate. I did get a burger at the Optimists’ booth, with extra tomato & lettuce on it. I squished the beef patty between the buns to get the grease out. Then I topped it with mustard, the two slices of tomato, most of the slice of onion, and about two cups of shredded lettuce. I grabbed a fork and dug in while my husband ate his double cheeseburger heart attack. I enjoyed it, too. After walking through the whole fair we headed to the arena for the rodeo. Stopped at the Sno-Cone booth and got a large cone with sugar-free syrup on it. What a treat on a hot day!

That was Saturday. Sunday was supposed to be hanging out at a car show, laundry and housework. I did none of that. I woke up with a screaming sore throat, plugged ear, and massive headache. I spent the day in bed, mostly asleep. I managed to choke down 1/2 of an IP Chocolate RTD for breakfast. Had the other 1/2 mid-morning, and Raspberry Jelly for lunch. Dinner was some warmed up chicken broth. No snack. No veggies. Felt good this morning, except for a bit of residual headache, so went to work and had a “normal” Monday…right up until I was told at 11:00 that I’d need to come into a meeting at any time. So, I waited to eat my lunchtime veggies (I usually eat them about 11:30 or so). Ended up going into the meeting at noon, and finished about 1:45. Lunch at 2:00 was NOT in the plan. Boy, those veggies sure tast good when you’re really hungry!

The New Coach

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So, I visited with my new coach yesterday. What a difference! I wish I’d known about the various tests that should be done three months ago. I’d have asked my first coach to do them, or switched back then. I’ll be seeing my new coach every week, not every other week. We’re hoping that visiting more often will keep me more accountable and more steady in my weight loss.

Changing Coaches

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I’m going to do it. I’m going to change coaches in the middle of this journey.

My sister & niece are also doing Ideal Protein. They have a different coach. They are also having a VERY different coaching experience than I am. Now, don’t get me wrong, I like my coach. I’m just not sure I’m getting all I should from him.

When I go every other week for a weigh-in, he has me stand on his digital scale. Then he measures my chest, waist, hips, thigh, & upper arm. He asks if I have any concerns, and if I’m drinking my water and taking my pills. Occassionally he takes my blood pressure. He asks for my food order. He gets my food and asks for my payment. He says “have a good week”, even though he won’t see me again for two.

My sister’s coach does things differently. My sister emails her food order in, and the coach has it ready when whe shows up for her appointment. She gets weighed on the digital scale in the doctors’ office. She gets measured in all the same places I do. She gets her blood pressure taken, every week. She gets her lean muscle vs fat measured, every week. Her food diary gets checked, every week. She gets tips, every week.

So, why am I changing coaches? Hmmm…, you tell me. I’ve continued to lose weight, but I haven’t had a change in measurements in four visits. (That’s two months!) My coach hasn’t been concerned. My new coach is already concerned, and she won’t see me until Wednesday. I’m looking forward to a more supported experience than what I’ve been having so far. It might make this whole journey a bit easier.

I’ll write again after I’ve seen the new coach.

Too Much Fun

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WOW! What a week!

Last week I weighed in a day early because I was leaving for almost a week. So, on Tuesday my weight was down another 3 1/2 pounds. Yeah, Me! Then I left for Portland, OR for three days of training. Stayed in a hotel that offered breakfast, so indulged in eggs and bacon each morning. Lunch was as a class, so had deli sandwiches on which I ordered extra veggies and took the bread off and ate with a fork. Dinner was a group of us together wandering the Portland waterfront one night and downtown the next. Both nights found me making choices from a restaurant menu. Prawns and cole slaw on night one. Chinese family style on night two. (On Tuesday I was alone, so ate on program.) I took premade Raspberry Jelly with me (I mix it with Blueberry Granita & 10 oz of water, then make two dishes.) and some ready-to-drink chocolate, so had my pm protein available each night. Because we were walking all over Portland’s waterfront and downtown, I expended WAY more calories than usual. I was hoping it would be enough.

On Friday, after four hours of class, I hit the road for a two-hour drive to meet a bunch of other women for a weekend of camping and a whitewater rafting trip. I couldn’t find lunch easily, so had a ready-to-drink and a spinach salad. After we set up camp and were hanging around the campfire, I set up the Dutch oven I’d brought with the ingredients for a berry cobbler. I had about 1/4 serving and could feel the sugar almost immediately. While the other gals indulged in their alcoholic beverages I stuck with my water and Mio. (With this program I’ve discovered that it’s a LOT more fun to watch the drunks when you’re sober.) Saturday morning we headed out for the rafting trip. Now, I’ve never done this before, so the adrenaline was pumping. Knowing that I’d be expending a lot of energy, I had a chocolate shake for breakfast and ate a bar just before the trip. And what a trip it was! I think it’s the first time I’ve ever worked so hard at having fun, and I can’t wait to do it again next year. When we were done, we were all ravenous, so went to a local cafe for lunch. They had a grilled chicken sandwich with mushrooms and onions on their menu. I asked for the onions to be raw, and for extras of both veggies, along with a spinach salad on the side. After taking the bread off of the sandwich, I chopped up my chicken and put it and the veggies in the salad. It was delicious. In fact, a couple of the other gals were saying that they’d have to remember to do the same thing next year. Lunch was so filling that we didn’t have dinner, and in spite of an afternoon playing in the water and tossing a ball around, no one was hungry at all. Sunday morning was another chocolate shake, camp take-down, and a three-hour drive home. I didn’t have anyplace to stop on the way, and was out of veggies, so just had a bar for lunch while driving. Got back on program at dinner with my hubby (who was off on his own camping adventures with our son), and am ready for the week ahead.

I did get on the scale at home this morning. That 3 1/2 pounds I showed down last week? Yeah, it’s back. But I’m determined to lose it, and more, before I weigh in again next Wednesday (the 15th). This week I’m back to week one again. Though it will be much more interesting than my first week one, since I now have lots of ideas of stuff to do with my IP packets to give myself more variety.

Onyx Update

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After two days of diarreah and one of vomitting I got Onyx in to the vet this morning. Of course, just like my kids used to do, she was back to normal in time to see the doctor. They did a full exam, including a blood test. I have to take in a stool sample once she starts having stools again. They put her on antibiotics, just in case. We’re hoping this was all for nothing. We just got back from our walk around the block and she’s raring to go.


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Well, I managed to do well at staying on program over the weekend. Friday afternoon we had some bad weather come through, so all plans got put on hold. Then the weather got better, but everything had been cancelled already. Saturday I had a Pampered Chef party to go to. There’s always yummy food there. The hostess is also on Ideal Protein, so she prepared similar foods that allowed us to eat, too. A trip to the movies with some coworkers wasn’t the same without popcorn and a soda, but I did enjoy the company and the show anyway. Then I attended a baseball game with my husband. Thanks to Mio, my bottled water was delicious. Sunday was a motorcycle ride with a bunch of my husband’s coworkers and spouses. Not knowing where lunch was going to be (most likely a bar) I packed veggies and a bar in a small cooler in the trunk. Turned out I was right (bar food is not IP approved) and glad I had my own with me. And bartenders are happy to put a pitcher of ice water on the table for you.

Today, however, was another story. What should have been a typical Monday, with meals back on a normal schedule, went out the window first thing. My black lab, Onyx, was sick. (Diarreah, vomiting.) Can’t get her into the vet until tomorrow morning. (Emergency vet is three times the price.) Don’t know if there’s something she got into or what. Guess we’ll find out when I take her in tomorrow. So, with that mess, breakfast was delayed a bit. Had to do some errands today that I would normally do tomorrow, and work was very busy, so lunch timing was screwed up. A neighbor stopped me as I arrived home to ask about my rose bushes and we ended up talking for almost an hour. That screwed up dinner. The only thing I ate on schedule today was my pm protein. And I had that only 45 minutes after eating dinner. With all of the differences in my schedule today I’ve been craving things I shouldn’t eat. Needless to say, it was a tough day.

I’m hoping that tomorrow goes better than today did. The trip to the vet will be an extra errand, but the timing shouldn’t mess with my meals. We’ll see. I’ll post the vet’s findings about Onyx tomorrow.

Night Shift & Weekend Plans

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Today was weigh-in number six. Since I weigh every other week, that means that I’ve been on this protocol for 13 weeks (1 week before first weigh-in and two weeks between the others). I’m down to 220, which puts me at 38 pounds down with an average of 3.8 pounds per week. At this rate I’ll be at goal in 16 more weeks.

Today is also my husband’s first day back on night shift. He changes shifts every six weeks, so I’ve already been on IP while he’s not around in the evenings. That used to be my worst time for snacking. Now I remind myself why I’m doing this, and make whatever IP shake or pudding I’m going to have that night super yummy. With the heat we’ve been having I find myself mixing a dark chocolate pudding with a bit of cinnamon and lots of ice in my bullet blender to make a creamy smoothy. Cools me down and I feel like I’m cheating. As soon as the sun heads for the horizon I’ll be out walking Onyx around the park, too. With my tunes in my ear & my puppy by my side, I’m pretty happy out there.

This weekend will be my hubby’s weekend off (every other one) and people he works with are planning a motorcycle ride on Sunday. Sounds like they want to head out of town for a two-hour ride, stop somewhere for lunch, and ride home. This is definitely a LOT more fun with less a$$ on the bike. Depending on where they decide to stop, I can either eat lunch and have my Ideal Protein for dinner, or eat the bar I’ll take along and do dinner at home as usual. I thank goodness I’ve figured out how to be flexible with my meals.

Gonna do what I can to stay on program for both this upcoming weekend and the next six weeks. (Twenty more pounds and I get my pink ribbon tattoo.)

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