I had a rough night at work yesterday, basically I was verbally abused and the patient attempted to physically abuse me as well.  I never felt in danger, but it was still upsetting.  Of course along with many other nasty words, he called me FAT.  I was more embarrassed than upset because I was with a new co-worker, and of course he was yelling so loudly everyone else on the floor could hear as well.  Definitely not looking forward to having to deal with him again tonight.
Anyway, I had a great workout yesterday, and today I can feel it in my leg muscles.  As soon as I log off from here I am going to start my workout.  I was scheduled to do a Turbo Bar dvd but my legs are too sore for that, so instead I am going to do a step workout and do the Turbo Bar tomorrow.

01/11/14 – Saturday
Calories burned:
3058 – includes TDEE
Calories allowed for the day: 1835
Calories consumed: 1478
Caloric deficit: 1580 – (3058 – 1478)
Exercise: Cathe Friedrich’s Low Impact Step Challenge – premix #5 = 42 mins.