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It’s been a long time since I attempted a blog. I tend not to want to publish things on the internet about myself– I’m 24 and don’t have a twitter account; I BARELY have a facebook! I’m the most old-fashioned 24 year-old I know! 🙂 In any case, I suppose I came here with the hopes that I might find a community to relate to, because heck, everyone is so smart and has so many different experiences. I’m willing to trade my own for yours?

The main thing I would like to begin chronicling is my weight loss journey, though it is not anything drastic. I’m taking the slow approach, which seems to be the healthier of all the other ‘diets’ and ‘pills’ and ‘miracle drinks.’ Though I did have to go through a bit of that myself.

I did try Kirstie Alley’s organic liaison program once I started running and getting my butt in gear. It was a good tool for me, she has good recipes and that mediocre drink she sends you. It was good for me to start keeping track of what I ate. Though I didn’t have great success with it (did it for 3 months, maybe not long enough) the best thing that came with it was this journal where you write down your weight, everything you eat, how many glasses of water you had, what exercise you did that day, how many poos you took, and (my favorite) what you did to enhance your life that day–something positive. This was all new to me– I never owned a scale before (I DONT CARE, IT DOESNT MATTER!!! LA LA LA!!) and the idea of weighing myself DAILY was…. new. And writing down everything I ate and it’s ‘caloric value’ (I’m a nutrition over calorie person, so calories really don’t play a big role in my personal plan) made me begin feeling proud when I ate/cooked healthy things. But there was this lone category that really confused me: daily enhancement. Why is that there? What the program really showed me, and now I have seen it to be true, is that for me, happiness must be first to have the lbs begin to even THINK about going away.

Hence the title of this blog! Throughout my life I’ve never had a thin body. Ive never been THE fat kid, but I’ve always had a NOTICEABLE belly fat, and just been kinda chunky throughout. I see these people who are so care-free, never thinking about how to sit, and even (GOD FORBID) wearing a bikini. So finally, after 24 years, I decided I’d had enough. I’m taking control, I’m doing this for me. My body is like a sculpture, and I have the power to do shape it into whatever I want. But how?

So far, for me, weight loss has been HARD. I have a slow burning type body. Even as a kiddo. My mom also has the same. We have low blood pressure, low body temp, too. We are just a slow internal machine. This has been one of many challenges, because it seems like no matter how hard I work out (literally daily gym visits for 5 months) my metabolism seems to basically stay the same. I know it’s supposed to increase with more exercise but…. Kind of frustrating!

Through it all, I have been working most on staying positive and being happy. I’m so incredibly lucky to have a loving supportive long-term boyfriend, but that isn’t enough. This drive comes from me, and me only. I am determined not only to lose the weight, but to leave this mindset I’ve had that seems to be keeping me in the same place in other areas of my life too. I want to completely break through that wall of insecurity. It’s a long journey, and I hope you will share your stories with me, too. What a wonderful blog site!

This entry has become a little long– up next time is juicing, and/or my spirituality.And whatever else happens between now and then!

Love to you all,


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