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ohhsnapitskatie on Mar 5th 2012 07:24 pm

So I had my mom bring up groceries since I don’t have a vehicle. I had her get me more tuna, ground beef, apples, bananas, milk, pickles and mayo. That’s my food for the month lol. Last night I  decided I wanted to cook so I made porkchops but I didn’t actually eat them I put them in a zippy bag and then went to bed. For my first time cooking I did really well I had a little bit this morning. I was awake for maybe 10 hours yesterday because I had to get up early today to help my grama. I did weigh myself today and I was 228.8 so I’m still down but not a lot.

Still haven’t gotten off my lazy ass to do my workouts. I found a quote I really like it’s “Ask yourself if what you’re doing today is getting you closer to where you want to be tomorrow.” for me yea I’m not doing enough and for that I am going to try to be better. I don’t have the will power just yet but I will slowly build up to it. I havent had that aha moment where my brain just clicks in. I hate daydreaming of a skinnier me. I want it to become a reality.


Just got out of a shower and I was looking through the forums and saw a girl who had lost 200 pounds and she is only 2 years older then me. Then I looked at how I was at the low 220 range and gained almost 10 pounds. Even tho I am only down 3 pounds that’s 3 pounds! It’s not going to magically melt off It will be going really slow. My goal for tomorrow! Pilates! Right when I wake up. I would also like to drink at least 2 glasses of water. May not seem like much to everyone else but it is for me.

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