Day 8-I gained :\

ohhsnapitskatie on Dec 19th 2011 04:16 pm

I weighed myself this morning and am 224.4 I knew this week would go either way. I had just got off TOM. I also stopped exercising the past 3 days and I kind of binged yesterday I had a bowl of special K, a yogurt, 1/4 a hostess pie, 3 spearmint gummie candies, like 4 servings of ruffles, a ham and cheese sandwich, and a small pizza. :\ Over eating is a problem of mine. Something I have to work on. Guess I’m going to start counting calories again.

On a good note I got my dvd’s today 30DS and Banish Fat Boost Metabolism. The top line of the cover says “Lose up to 20 pounds in 30 days!” and the other says “Lose up to 5 pounds a week!’ So if you do both dvds everyday does that mean you lose 40 pounds in a month? lol I know it doesn’t work like that but you have to have a little hope, right? I just have to make myself do it, which would be easier if I had someone here with me who was doing it as well. Maybe if I log what I eat in each blog it will help me stop over eating…

So far today:

  • Water: 5 glasses
  • Top Ramen: 380 Calories
  • Tuna Sandwich: 360 Calories
  • Homemade Pizza: 487 Calories

Total: 1,227
&& I did my 30 day shred but I stopped a minute early. I felt good doing it knowing I needed it but I also felt like I would die.

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