Oh No!

So looks like our plan to keep up with everything during these crazy busy weekends didnt go as planned. But today is a new day and I am starting all over! Now I am moving over to  more of a low carb diet, while Ryan is staying with Ideal Protien. I think not logging in and doing these post also added to me not doing so well. The “cheat” or “off” days start to add up and before you know your completely off the diet!! 


Also I download an app on my phone that helps me track everything I ate and keeps a count of my carbs for me so hopefully that will help also.

Lets start week 2!

So at our offical weigh in today I was at 129 and Ryan was at 209 so we both lost 6lbs! Not to bad for our first week and half. Now I am not counting the first few days with my weeks so from here on out my weeks will start on Sundays! So lets start week 2!! My computer is finally working again so I think I am going to try and upload our photos today. I will say though that Ryan and I did have a little cheat today.

First official weigh in is in 24hrs!!!

Ok so I am getting a little nervous for my first official wiegh in! I know ryan has lost a good bit! I love that we are doing this together and I keep trying to remind myself that ppl lose it in different paces but…UGH!!! I cant help but think about wanting to be a four year old and stomp my foot and scream this isnt fair!! I just hope its over 5lbs and I will be have 8lbs is my goal!! We will see tmw…

Week One on Ideal Protein!

My fiance and I decided last week to start Ideal Protein so we could lose some weight for our wedding in October! The first week is done and I have to say it was a little hard on me. I am very used to snacking through out the day and not sitting down and eating 3 set meals. This week I am going to space out my salad, vegetables and ip packet so it will feel more like snacking to me. I lost 4lbs on the first week!! Ryan, my fiance, did wonderful on his first week and lost almost 10lbs!!!! The first week I tried the omelet, chocolate shake, chicken soup, and the peanut bars, I liked them all fine though I couldnt finish the soup. I hated the pudding that I tired and selling what I have left on ebay now cus ryan cant seem to stand them either. Ryan is doing a shake/drink for breakfast and the vegetable chili for lunch with a bar as his snack before bed.  Today is our start for week 2 and I am going to do the alternative products while I think Ryan is going to do the original IP food.

My plan for this week is to use the EAS Carb control shakes for breakfast and maybe lunch. I am going to use pure protein and think thin bars for my snack and maybe lunch. Im not sure if I want a shake or bar for lunch.

Ryan is going to use the pink lemonaid for breakfast, the vegetable chili for lunch and one of the bars for snack.