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Giving in to the inevitable.

znowbird22 on May 12th 2011 07:18 am

I have been inspired by gertiev to start the no carb diet again. Its the only thing that has worked for me in the past. when i give myself calories to count, i just want to use it all up on sugar! so i have to banish it from my diet. I only HATE the first few days! they are horrible! The headaches, the cravings the bread laughing in your face.  But i know i can do it! and im tired of not fitting into my pretty clothes.

Aside from that, im packing to go to portland, oregon. my BF is teaching a week long class there and since he LOVES flying so much hes invited me to join him. I have no idea whats over there. i have never been. I heard its still chilly up there.

I started my online classes, English comp seems easy enough. Nutrition does too. Funny im trying to lose weight and am now taking a class on it.  I dropped off my Spanish class for now since i will be gone for a week and its a short semester (summer A class) but i can take it in the fall. I cant wait to find out my results, I’m so impatient but i have no choice for now but to wait.  Ok, not much else to report. good luck everyone on your diets!

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znowbird22 on May 11th 2011 09:47 am

Ok do you ever get useto feeling hungry?? thats why i fail or stay at the same weight. I do really good counting calories and carbs and then .. WHAMMO. im STARVING! and i say no not going to eat. and my tummy starts yelling at me.. are you crazy! i need food here!! and then i try to sleep. and i cant so i eat. and yes it does not make me gain if i eat something sensible, but it doesn’t help me lose either. so its either starve during the day (dont you just LOVE headaches) or starve at night. Neither of which i feel like doing lately. I must research magical herbs to cause my tummy to fall asleep instead of waking me up to eat. on a side note, when i do go to sleep hungry, i wake up FAMISHED!!  UGGH! good luck to all off you! i will try to give my tummy celery when hungry.

Ok pickles, water, apples, and green tea to stop hunger. gotta try it!

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Tuesday oh lovely Tuesday.

znowbird22 on May 10th 2011 07:49 am

I am trying to enjoy these few “no school” days. Today is my last one. Tomorrow starts summer classes. sigh. but they should be pretty easy, spanish1, Nutrition, and English comp 1, (yes i should have done english comp looong time ago, when i first started college but all the writing would have drove me nuts, so now im finally getting on it) I’ve decided friday is my weigh in day. so i dont want to look at my scale till then, its in the closet, being punished for showing me bad numbers! yesterday i did great, and now so far so good! my birthday is in 20 days almost 3 weeks and id be super happy if i could lose 5 pounds by then! maybe i should take my scale out of the closet and reward it and shine it and treat it nice? lol but seriously i think i can do it. I know i can! say no to sugar!! resist the cookies!! lol ok good luck all of you!! im off to be lazy!

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Great news!

znowbird22 on May 9th 2011 11:41 am

I got a 91 on my nursing entrance exam!! hurray me!! lol that makes my total points 81! so im hopping and praying and crossing my fingers that i make it this august into the program!! i dont want to wait a whole year! dont wanna dont wanna dont wanna! ok now that that is out of my system. I got my period this weekend which means bloated/feeling like crap. not only that, but i went to orlando with my daughter my niece and my bf, and yes it was super fun, but im having self induced amnesia to the crap i ate this weekend. so here we go again, today im on track as usual. lol i guess its better to do the the battle,the never giving up, so far food:379 me:0, but i dont have those big test to stress me out anymore, so i should beable to control myself, plus since my period is almost over, i usually feel better about food choices. and my birthday is ina few weeks! so maybe i can lose a few pounds! hey something is something! :) good luck all of you this week!

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Lets pluck their eyes out!!

znowbird22 on May 5th 2011 11:01 am

Ive been stressing alot lately and so has my bf, so he came over last night and we decided to go to The pub. now mind you the pub is like a sports bar, except for all the waiters wear skirts, yes even the dudes lol. (hey if guys can have eye candy so can us girls lol) so we all know that sports bar= greasy fattening food. But i was in a “the hell with it, i too stressed out to worry what is going in  my mouth” mood. we sit down, we order spring rolls, calamari (yuck) and of course pizza. so im stuffing my face when this one guy comes in walking with these to size zero models (ok they werent really models, but u know the type, perfect hair, skin, walk, etc.) and suddenly looking down at my pizza made me want to barf,(or atleast hide under the table and pretend i wasnt there) so my bf goes, “lucky guy walking in with two girls”.  I wanted to kill him, or myself for not ordering the salad with no dressing as u sure know thats what they were eatting. I know what you are thinking oh what a jerk for saying that, but he truely wasnt drooling or disrespecting me, he was just stating the obvious (plus i know my bf loves me) and then he didnt talk about them or look their way the whole night. It was more of me feeling like a big pig for not sticking to my plan. why are men soo visual? that should be motivation enough for me to never eat again. (overdramatizing) but yeah every time a hot chick rolls around and i dont feel pretty enough for my bf (again its just me) makes me feel in an already worse mood that what i am. and here is the part where the cycle begins, feel bad, stressed, eat, she stickfigures feel bad eat, uggh. well i stopped the cycle this morning and im back on track. I just want to now what do u do when u feel tempted to cheat? do i have to post pics of skinny girls around me? hang my skinny clothes out so they can taunt me? idk but i have to to stop letting the, oh, im stressed let me eat, control me! uggh thanks for listening!

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Im back from the Cake comma!

znowbird22 on May 3rd 2011 10:10 am

hello! long time no write! lol The concert was fun, i only had one drink, vodka cranberry my go to drink, i just had a mess of cake last weekend! tons! it was my bf’s birthday and i couldnt say no to birthday cake! mm butter cream! i love publix cake i know its pure butter but i couldnt resist! but yesterday while studying the day away i managed to eat less and the scale today didnt show any difference, (thank you god of the scales!!) i managed to get a B on my statistics class, i was REALLY REALLY trying for an A, but i guess i shouldn’t complain.. much.. lol since math is really not my cup of chocolate, all those formulas dancing in my head its like a giant orgy and trying to separate one leg from an arm is impossible!!! lol but idk how that will look on my schools stupid point based application. Really, i dont have a 4.0 but who does? ok dont answer that lol. I have made up my mind though, i will not be so upset if i dont make it into the Nursing program, i will just work at the classes i need for my BS in nursing if i dont get in for fall. As for my diet im trying this week really hard. but the weeks dont worry me, its the weekend!! the dreaded weekends. I have a love hate relationship with them. love because i get to enjoy my family, hate because i usually dont care about my diet then. maybe after this week, which is the end of my finals i will be more mentally ready.. I hope!! In other news, i went to a jewelry store where they buy gold, sold some odds and ends for $400 smackers!! i advise u all to look around for the missing earrings and the rings missing stones, and turn them all in! you can be sitting on a small fortune! or aleast some gas money! ok now back to Studying! xoxo

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