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Not much, But a loss February 24, 2013

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I weighed myself yesterday ( Just to see if the upset tummy did make a difference) and all in all I have lost 0.9KG, so I now am at 148.8….not exactly at the 148KG I wanted to be, but hey….im closer than what I was last week, I didnt pick up and any loss is good.

I feel so bad cos I didnt work out this weekend, I was SO unbelievably lazy, and not in the mood to do anything. And I thought I was going to help my friend move on Sunday, but then she didnt let me know what time, and eventually asked me at like 4pm if I will still go to her place, so I just said no, Its work the next day and I think I am just going to chill for the evening.

So I do know there is no excuse for not gyming this weekend…….I cant even think of one….I was just a lazy bum!! But as it is monday again, the weather is nice and cool cos it is over cast, I will definatly be back in the gym tonight…I think I will do Taebo, and then a few mins on the Orbitrek….im so unfit that by 2 mins in I am huffing and puffing…3 mins in I am sweating like a pig, but its ok…I know what I am doing it for…I am actually looking forward to it. I just hope 1 or all of my friends I invited to gym with me will come….I mean they gym for free at my house…what more do they want??  I am just a 100% more motivated to gym when I know someone else is there.

Good Luck for the new week ladies…We WILL be AWESOME!!!  I just know it.