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The time has now come to DO IT!

This week… May 9, 2013

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…so far has been really good. 🙂

I have joined an awesome thread by the forums, and the group of ladies there are just so awesome!!!

I am really concentrating on eating right this

week. I have not done any workouts this week, but I will start doing them again next week…I am also just waiting to get my P90X and Zumba DVDs…Does anyone have an opinion on those??

The weather is REALLY starting to get cold here…I hate being cold..I am just extremely glad that we do not get snow in South Africa, although the weat

her has changed so much these past few never knows what might happen. But now with this cold drinking water and workingout seems like a pretty crap idea to me….Im not excited about it at all, but I suppose it is the price I have to pay for not doing anything in the summer, and I can definatly NOT wait till next summer to want to start loosing weight….Not another year of being fat…NO WAY!

I hope everyone is doing awesome!!!


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  1. Mau Says:

    I’m happy that you are having a great week! I actually like working out, always have, so I hope you can find a love for it as well. I read a quote recently that said “Your worst enemy lives between your own two ears”
    It really says it all. My mind will keep me on the couch, watching tv and chowing down on crap, or it will have me out loading up on exercise and good foods.
    We just have to make up our minds. 🙂
    Good luck with another great week after this, and many more after that! Keep going strong!

  2. tryingbeauty Says:

    Mau: You are SO right!!!! Its like they say…If you change your mind you are half way there….

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