Not a FAT girl forever

The time has now come to DO IT!

SO GOOD :-) May 14, 2013

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I was trying SO hard to login and post yesterday, but I had such a manic day!!
So I decided that I WILL pop in now before all the madness begins and I will post my good nesw.

I HAVE LOST 2KG!!!  So according to Prof Google it is just over 4 pounds!!!  How freakin awesome is that???

So this means I went from 331.35lbs (according to Google) to 326.94 (according to Google) { I google “converts lbs to Kg”} I am so freakin excited I could just lay an egg!!!  Ok wait…that sounds gross!!!

So after my CRAZY day yesterday I just didnt have the energy to workout, BUT I cam up with a game plan!!!

I arranged with my sister to take my DVDs to her Nursery school; and that way me and her can work out and the kiddies can join us and have fun and get some exercise in aswell!! Please tell me this is a good idea…Im so excited about it! I figured that if I knew the kiddos were waiting for me to come workout with them, how can I back out?

Yesterday (monday) I fell straight back into my bad eating habbits, but realizing that I have done so I can make more contious decisions regarding my food intake today and the week to follow…HOW can I loose 2kg and then not worry to losse more…Im done with my slump and excuses…..this weight is not going to loose itself!!!

So we will start our first workout with the kids today and we will see how this week goes, and as soon as I get my P90X and Zumba dvds I can mix it up a little for the kids so they dont get bored with just the Taebo.

Good Luck ladies!!!!!


This week… May 9, 2013

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…so far has been really good. 🙂

I have joined an awesome thread by the forums, and the group of ladies there are just so awesome!!!

I am really concentrating on eating right this

week. I have not done any workouts this week, but I will start doing them again next week…I am also just waiting to get my P90X and Zumba DVDs…Does anyone have an opinion on those??

The weather is REALLY starting to get cold here…I hate being cold..I am just extremely glad that we do not get snow in South Africa, although the weat

her has changed so much these past few never knows what might happen. But now with this cold drinking water and workingout seems like a pretty crap idea to me….Im not excited about it at all, but I suppose it is the price I have to pay for not doing anything in the summer, and I can definatly NOT wait till next summer to want to start loosing weight….Not another year of being fat…NO WAY!

I hope everyone is doing awesome!!!


Wondering May 5, 2013

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I have done well this week….not 100%, but I did well….I have picked up weight for my week of not caring 2 weeks ago, but yet again….im getting on…surely all this falling off and getting back on the wagon must contribute to some weight loss???  ( I WISH)

I am starting to wonder if my need to loose weight is big enough…I mean I look at everything that everyone else is doing….and what I am doing just does not compare….and I know none of us are in a competition with each other, but I do find myself comparing my efforts with some of the members here…

So then I got to thinking to myself “why is it that I am SO motivated when I am not able to workout, BUT when I am able to then its like im half dead?”  Does anyone have advice for me…..I do know I must “JUST DO IT”…… But instead I find myself infront of the TV watching Gordon Ramsey and Jamie flaunting their culinary skills….. And when I am at work I am motivated beyond believe, but after an hours traffic and swearing at the idiots who drive on the roads I am pooped and I dont even want to cook…I would rather just veg infront of the tv, take a bath and be in bed by 9pm…

I hope everyone had an awesome weekend!!!