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New thinking… April 30, 2013

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Ok. So it has been abit more than a week since I have posted, but I am back, and I have joined a new thread at the forums “Fat Camp”

I have also realized that I am just over thinking and over analyzing and trying TOO hard.
I have to take it easy and allow myself to embrace this new lifestyle instead of drilling myself to the point where I feel I want to break down and give up.

So many people have done this…why cant I?

YES, I do have an addiction to food.
YES, It does make me feel better when I am anxious or bored or stressed.
YES, I do associate food with love ( i invite people over to cook for them….Its like me showing them I love them)

So I am going to work on the following:

  • I am going to try a worry less about food
  • Instead of eating when I feel these emotions I will do something else like phone a friend, get up and take a walk in the garden, blog
  • I am going to focus on eating better again and focus on saying no to the “bad stuff”
  • I am going to make sure I drink enough water…..winter sucks, but NO EXCUSES
  • I will do at least an hour workout everyday (P90X, Taebo, Zumba)
  • If I am really tired, I will atleast go for a 30min walk
  • I will focus more on what I need and less on what other people say…this is my struggle…not theirs


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