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Oh Monday! April 22, 2013

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I am just really NOT feeling this Monday! I am starting to get the flu and I have so much stuff to do, but I just really could not be bothered.

Last week I was mostly good regarding my food…I did have a few slip ups here and ther, and I had my TOM so I was just like  “whatever” I didnt workout too much last week…well basically all I did was…my Taebo on monday and then squats for the rest of the week…I was just so tired. But now that im getting sick I hope to still do some kind of workout. Does anyone have any idea as to what I can do even if im sick?

I lost (after the TOM stopped) another 0.5kg, which probly would have been more if I just didnt eat some of the crap that I did, and if I worked out a little more….damn I irritate myself when I am like that!

I dont have much head is in a funk with all this grossness in my nose and stuff ( grossss)

I hope you all have an awesome week…I will be reading but I might not be posting.


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  1. kisskiss Says:

    So sorry that you’re not feeling well….
    may be just take a couple of rest days? If you don’t have the energy to workout, I don’t see anything wrong with just taking it easy…

  2. tryingbeauty Says:

    Thank you 🙂

    I absolutely hate feeling like this.

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