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Lack of….. April 17, 2013

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….. Motivation, Energy, Spirit…..

I was feeling ready to go yesterday…I did my squates for the squate challenge. I planned my workout for the evening, but when I got home I was so tired…I thought I would just lie on my bed for 2 mins and check my phone for messages….I fell asleep!!

I didnt sleep for too lang as i then did get a message on my fone and my friend stopped by my place real quick, and I thought – ok, now I must get on my gym clothes and get to sweating- I just coudnt.
I went and I put on the sauna and I ended up sweating in there, which I know does not really burn any calories, I was just so damn tired.

Then dinner had to be made….. I was like *#%&*$#@ NO!  I am not making dinner…..I ended up having an egg sandwhich….. I went to bed rather early and I slept like I was never going to wake up till this morning…I think I am starting to get sick…My sister was very sick last week and I think she might have given her nasty viruses to me! Other wise its a sinus attack…..Oh how I hate the changing of the seasons!

So today I will definatly do my squates again…Day2 = 55 squates.
I will definatly try to do my workout this afternoon…I cannot lie down and not do it! I MUST SWEAT!!!

Hope you have a wonderful day ladies.!


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