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What do yo think? April 15, 2013

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Hello Pretty ladies!!

Ok…I do not want to sound dramatic or anything, but some people may not like what I am going to tell you now.
SO if you are against hypnosis, then you should stop reading now.

Ok so.  Friday afternoon I went for hypnosis for weightloss. I read another girls blog who also did it a few years back and she said that it has worked for her. I am not expecting any DRAMATIC changes or sudden spurts of weightloss, im just hoping it will be a little easier and that I will not want food as bad, and I must say I feel like I am doing ok. I know it is not just going to be one session and then BOOM I will be skinny/ fit (oh I could only dream) But I want to implement the things that she told me into my life and see where it takes me. Let me know what you think about it?

Friday eve I slept like I was never going to wake up…It was so Fantastic!! And then I did wake up just past 7am…oh the pure blissssss!!! and 9am I was working out…ME??? Workingout on a Saturday??? Unheard of…but I DID IT!!!
I felt so awesome!!! I felt inspired and morivated and just good all round.

I went to the shops and I bought ingredients to bake a cake. So I baked a cuppachino/caramel cake for my granny…I love baking cake….she loves eating cake….seems like a win win to me 🙂

I was pretty good this weekend, although I am avoiding the scales for a little while….. Im excited for this week!!!


3 Responses to “What do yo think?”

  1. Jazz Says:

    If hypnosis can help you in any way at all then I wouldn’t knock it! Anything that’s not harmful to your body is worth trying.

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    It works for me! 🙂

  2. kisskiss Says:

    I’ve always wondered if hypnosis can help me curb my apetitie, help me control cravings or not overeat. Hmmm. Please keep us updated. are you going to multiple sessions? or was it a one time deal?

  3. tryingbeauty Says:

    @kisskiss: I must be honest I was so scared! but it is really not like we see on tv…not at all. I am rather excited about it!!! I will be going for more sessions…im hoping to go every second week, so I will see how that works out.

    @jazz: I have changed that setting. THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH!!!!! It was driving me to drink!! 🙂
    Thanx for your positive views…I do appreciate it!

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