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This is not good…. February 27, 2013

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Gosh Ladies… I have started my periods today, and I am feeling miserable!!  I am in pain, im SO tired even though I went to bed early, I feel nauseous, I am so irritated that im being such a bitch to one of my staff(she normally irritates me, but today……)  My periods have never really affected me this bad, so I need to know if this is normal or atleast half normal??

So back to the reason we are all here…. I do not know why, but I stuffend my face with 2 slices of bread this morning, 1 last nigh, and 2 bread rolls the night before…. WHYYYY am I sabotaging myself?? I was doing so good! Damn you periods!! I was driving this morning thinking to myself…why do we have to have it each month?? why cant we just have it like evey 6 months?? { OH WAIT!!!  I am off the subject again…OOOOPS}

So my friend who is getting married came to me again last night and we went for our walk..again, nothing strenuous at all, but it was just nice to walk with her and chat. As I have not been gymming for this whole week I was not too bothered, and today is my moms birthday, so I will also not be gymming tonight….I am going to go visit her and take her a prezzie BUT I will NOT eat cake!!

I need to get my focus rite (AGAIN) and start gymming again from next week, like full steam ahead! One of my other friends sent me a message saying that she is done with giving me excuses as to why she cant join me for gym, she will be at my house monday evening and we will gym every day, so im excited about that, and I know that when my friend is there I will be motivated to gym!

Im scared for weighing in this week, but lets see how it goed.

Have a good one ladies!


This week February 26, 2013

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Wellllll this week is abit out of my normal routine…..

I am helping my friend move, so I am going over to her place everyday after work, helping her pack boxes and tape boxes and sorting shit out, so I am at this stage not getting any exercise done, im getting to bed late, waking up tired, BUT my friend needs me and I will be there for her.

I am atleast still trying to eat rite and drink lots of water to atleast keep some sense of trying to loose weight…. but im pre menstual aswell, so I want to eat everything, but im keeping my cravings under control…I am not going back to where I was…I REFUSE!!!! I will be HOT for my bridesmaid dress, I will NOT be the fat chick in the photos…  NO!!!

Speaking of which…. all the bridesmaids are going with the bride to do a dress fitting on the 9th of March…. and let me tell you…no I am not looking forward to it, cos all the other girls are skinny bitches and I am already dreading the feeling of being judged… But come the wedding day….hmmmm they are going to see something else arriving there! HA!

So I guess this week will then just be that…me helping my friend and eating as good as I possibly can. The only day I will not be helping her is Saturday, then I have my own appointments to see to,  but Sunday it will be back to her to help her again ( I hope she appriciates my efforts, cos at this stage it feels to me that they are lost)

I wish everyone a wonderful and positive rest of the week.  🙂


Not much, But a loss February 24, 2013

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I weighed myself yesterday ( Just to see if the upset tummy did make a difference) and all in all I have lost 0.9KG, so I now am at 148.8….not exactly at the 148KG I wanted to be, but hey….im closer than what I was last week, I didnt pick up and any loss is good.

I feel so bad cos I didnt work out this weekend, I was SO unbelievably lazy, and not in the mood to do anything. And I thought I was going to help my friend move on Sunday, but then she didnt let me know what time, and eventually asked me at like 4pm if I will still go to her place, so I just said no, Its work the next day and I think I am just going to chill for the evening.

So I do know there is no excuse for not gyming this weekend…….I cant even think of one….I was just a lazy bum!! But as it is monday again, the weather is nice and cool cos it is over cast, I will definatly be back in the gym tonight…I think I will do Taebo, and then a few mins on the Orbitrek….im so unfit that by 2 mins in I am huffing and puffing…3 mins in I am sweating like a pig, but its ok…I know what I am doing it for…I am actually looking forward to it. I just hope 1 or all of my friends I invited to gym with me will come….I mean they gym for free at my house…what more do they want??  I am just a 100% more motivated to gym when I know someone else is there.

Good Luck for the new week ladies…We WILL be AWESOME!!!  I just know it.


Failing Sunday February 23, 2013

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OK…so there I was this morning…very curious as to what I have lost and I thought screw it!! ill check today instead of tomorrow….oh Lord….I only lost 0.7KG…which means I am now at 149 and not 148….so i thought ok I will limit my eating today….. I did rather well I must say…until I went to my mother and she made homemade pizza…… WHHYYYYYYY WWWWHHHHYYYY!!! My weak heart… I felt hungry, It smelt so freakin awesome, and I just fell into it…no questions asked, no second thoughts, I just went at it like a bear waking up after its winter hibernation… least i had coke zero….hahahahah yeah rite!!! WHO am I kidding?? Im sure non of you, and deffinatly not myself! I will still weigh tomorrow just to see the damage I have caused…but im not excited. Oh and im pre menstual aswell… F you hormones!!!

So on the good side ( I think) I got abit of a runny tummy (I think from the sausage I ate) which might help me come down abit….I know it is not actual weight loss I have worked for, but at this stage any loss to make me see the light again is a loss worth having!! 😉

I thought I would do some excerise today…I was just too damn lazy…I have been working out the whole week, trying to do everything rite, so today I just relaxed abit. I am helping my friend move tomorrow which will be a work out on its own, so I will get my sweat in there tomorrow (and it is so hot {South Africa} im positive there will be lots of sweating)

I dont know why I have this idea in my head that when it is weekend I can eat what I want and I do not need to workout and shit like that, when I do fully understand that wanting to loose this massive cast of fat does not just apply to weekdays, but basically to the rest of my life. I need to sort that train of thought out…cos that is what is sabotaging everything!

Well ladies….have a good one…and thank you for all the awesome reading material….. I am obsessed with this blog…. I just LOVE it!!



Happy for Friday…..Nervous for Sunday February 22, 2013

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It is FRIDAY!!!! and i am very excited!

Last night I thought I would try Taebo advanced….oh my Lord….im clearly no where near as advanced as those people to do it…after 20 mins I just gave up…Mr Blank almost killed me!

I have also been working on going to bed earlier…this is great, but i have been late for work every day this week cos i over slept… so i dont know if my alarm is failing me or am i putting it off without knowing it? I dont know…but being late for work each day….I have stopped making excuses.

I made a delisious Salmon salad for dinner last night.. I must say….I did impress myself.
Breakfast i fell off of the wagon again and i had egg bacon and tomato with mozerella…..oooh the delisioiusness…. Damn you delisious pig!

Lunch went a little better today…I made chicken with leeks and some olives, Basil pesto and tomato puree…but then i had that with rice.
I am trying to up my water intake aswell…I did so good with that a little while ago, but not it is like i “forget” to drink the water. I need to make more of an effort regarding that again, and just do it!

So I saw a picture of my ex boyfriend today and the ass lost 10KG in 1 month!!! WHAT!!!!  That guy can eat and that guy can drink, and he is the one loosing weight?? Come on!!!  So this has just motivated me more to also loose the 10kg in 1 month….so here is hoping!! He will be sorry for what he lost! ( I do mean me and not the weight)

I hope every single one of you beauties have an absolute wonderful weekend (if it is weekend where you live and not 1 day to go) and keep strong!


GYM! February 21, 2013

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Going home and getting my gym on!!!!  oooooh yeah baby 🙂

Please feel free to leave comments.


Just some visual motivation 😉


That didnt go as planned

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Yester day I was motivated as hell!!

I started my day off great with my diet food as I do every morning. Then I looked in one of the fridges at work and i saw a chocolate ganache tart…. I said to myself – NO- but not long after that i was in there again eating a slice…then i founf anouther tart and i had some of that aswell……afterwards i felt dissapointed, and thought about the mini goal I have set for myself to be 148KG by sunday, and now im over loading on sugar!!

My friendy came to me last night, and we went for a lovely walk…nothing to hectic as we have not seen each other in a while, and we were catching up and also getting some cardio in at the same time….she has lost alot of weight and is looking AMAZING!!! She is smaller than me in build and weight so you see it easily on her. Im so proud of her! 

After the walk i was just starting to make a salad when my dad said no we will go out and get a salad, so off we go…when we got to the mall he wanted to withdraw money, and the machine swallowed his card…so with no card and no cash on us we couldnt get the salad…we went back home and I ended up making sausage and fried eggs on bread….dont get me wrong…all the processed meat goodness, and fried eggs….damn you!!! 

I started my day off good again, and i have been behaving myself, and even though I am thinking about something delicious like a muffin or egg, bacon, cheese & Tomato toated sandwich i will not go there…that will NOT become my norm again!

Tonight I will be going all out again, even if im still stiff from Tuesdays workout. ZERO excuses… Sweating like a beast is definatly on the to do list for tonight!!

I hope everyone has a good day!!!


Ostrich Stroganoff Recipe February 20, 2013

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  • 30 millilitre oil
  • 1 Red onion, sliced
  • 450 gram Ostrich steaks, cut into strips
  • 1 Red pepper, cut into strips
  • 150 gram button mushrooms
  • 500 millilitre low fat milk
  • 1 KNORR Beef Stroganoff Dry Cook-in-Sauce
  • 5 millilitre Chopped fresh sage
  • 10 millilitre Chopped Italian flatleaf parsley
  • 250 gram Brown rice
  • Instructions

    1. In a frying pan, brown onion in 30 ml oil.
    2. Add ostrich strips, red pepper and mushrooms and brown for 5 min.
    3. Add 500 ml cold milk to the pan, stir in contents of Knorr Beef Stroganoff Dry Cook-in-Sauce sachet and bring to the boil while stirring.
    4. Simmer uncovered for 25 min, stirring occasionally.
    5. When done, add herbs and mix through.
    6. Serve hot with brown rice.

    Doing this!!!

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    SO!  Last night i gymed like a beast!!! All of my friends dropped me again, but i just decided screw that…. I AM DOING THIS!!  and i did! I did a Teabo workout, and then i went on the Orbitrek, and i did some crunches aswell… It felt so good to work hard and sweat!

    I ate veggies and chicken for dinner, and it was delicious!

    My one friend asked if she can join me tonight, so I am excited taht she will be joining me!
    It is just so much better when you have a friend there. It changes the whole feel of working out!
    And this is also the friend who has asked me to be a Brides Maid (EXCITED)

    I weighed this morning…. I am at 149.7KG which according to my calculations is 329lbs ( Im not sure how acurate this is though. I think it is 2.2lbs per Kg)
    So here is hoping to be at 148KG by sunday which I will then make my regular weigh in day.

    Have a fantastic day girls!!



    My starting weight with the Blog February 19, 2013

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    Good Morning Ladies!!!

    My current weight is 149.7 KG

    I weighed this morning…i know it is odd doing a weight in on a wednesday…..i just am a little odd sometimes. I will weigh again on sunday and then i will do it every week on a sunday.

    My goal is to be at 148KG by sunday!

    Below is a foto of me…. it was taken on new years….not a very good one, but gives an idea of what i look like…i will load better pics ASAP.


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