Why?  Why do we do it to ourselves.  More importantly, why do I do it to myself?  I decide I need to start eating healthier (and exercise, and lose weight…), thus the internal bargaining starts; I’ll start on Monday, or I’ll start after Christmas, or I’ll start on January 1.


Why not start TODAY?

I mean, this is my LIFE I’m talking about.  My health.  My longevity.  Is it worth it to put a few more pounds on so that I can have a set day to start?

The short answer to that question is NO!  It’s not worth it.

I literally CAN NOT keep doing this to myself.

So – it starts today.  Pretty or not.

A start is a start.  And this start has an end in mind.  And, one year from now, I’ll be glad that I started today!


I started trying to lose weight back in 2007.  At that time I weighed around 235 pounds.  My highest weight ever on record was in 2006, 262 pounds.

So, over the next two years, I lost weight.  In September 2009, I had gotten down to 188!  That’s the lowest adult weight I’ve ever seen.

Then, it started creeping back on.  Life happened.  I got married and got comfortable and lazy.  That brings me to today, December 8, 2012.  My weight right now at 12:01 PM is, well, I have no idea because our scales are broken.  Fabulous.  (note to self – buy a new bathroom scale). I do know that a couple of weeks ago I weighed myself and was around 216 pounds.  Frightening!

I look at my old weight loss pictures; oh the work I did and the results I got.  It makes me nauseous to see how I’ve just let it all go.

SO – I’m here for a clean slate.

I have 2 children (6 and 7 years old) and God knows that I don’t want them to pick up the habits that I have and live their life being obese.

My husband has had health issues this year and he guarantees that once he gets his issues over with then he’ll do whatever I want to do to help me with losing weight.  I have a feeling that it may start fights because if I’m going to succeed, he’s going to have to make sacrifices too.

BUT, in the long run – I KNOW that we will BOTH feel so much better to get weight off and get energy!!!!

And so it begins….

I will buy a scale today and report tomorrow what the damage is.


Hello world!

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