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Can you believe. . . January 20, 2012

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Soon you will be healthy.
Soon you will be able to wear a bikini and not be worried about “fat.”
Soon people will look at you and say “You look great!”
Soon people won’t be able to make fun of you about your weight or use it against you in a fight.
Soon you will look at yourself differently.
Soon you will have confidence.
Soon you will feel right walking beside your stick of a boyfriend.
Soon you will be idolized by others.
Soon you will be checked out and hit on when you really never were.
Soon you will get married and get whatever dress you want.
Soon you can go to the store and get a size you are not ashamed of or afraid to let others see.
Soon you will be able to share clothes with your best friend.
Soon your family will make better changes in their lives because of you.
Soon you will be beautiful in your own eyes.

Soon. . .

Soon I will be everything I want to be and more.


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