Day 8 of my weight loss journey

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Well as you can probably tell last week went way down hill. My granny (last living gran parent) was taking in to hospital as she is refusing to eat and isn’t doing very well. Works been a very stressful week and I haven’t been planning meals so I’ve fallen to type been binging, not exercising & not eating proper meals and I’ve put on 3lbs.

Well no matter what’s happening I’ve told myself I must write on my blog first before turning to food. The reason I wanted to do this was to give me an outlet to try & break the habit of using food to manage my feelings.

So today is a new day:-)    I hope everyone is keeping well, staying strong and not affected to badly by the snow xx

day 3 of my journey

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OK so I’ve learned today fail to plan then you plan to fail.  I didn’t sleep well last night so was very tired morning. Didn’t start with a great breakfast & the day just got worse.  By bed time I’d binged on 6 cream eggs!  Need to try & cut out that kind of stuff from the house.  That is another sabotaging thing for me.  Like everyone I’m wanting the magic wand to make me slim. I’m miserable being fat but do I have the strength & willpower to succeed this time.  Watch this space 🙂

day 2 of my journey

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Well didn’t do as well as I’d hoped. I did manage to get out of bed to exercise but it was so cold I just climbed back into bed. Today is my hubby & me’s 10th anniversary of our first date. He took me for breakfast and I had bacon, sausages, 2 poached eggs & a muffin & hash brown. Thought if I skipped lunch it wouldn’t be so bad.  Big mistake! Ended up starving and stuffing cream eggs into me.  Have to just stick to breakfast, lunch & dinner.

One day at a time. Every day I’m trying is one day forward 🙂

the 1st day of my journey to the new me

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Hi everyone

1st off happy st Patrick’s Day!  I’m no1mom23 and I’m 8stone overweight. I’ve tried lots of different diets like weight watchers, slimming world, vlcd etc.I was diagnosed with having a binge eating disorder and the doctor wanted me to go talk to a mental health specialist but I just wasn’t ready. I thought this time while I’m trying to loose weight I would write a blog so that I can express myself and hopefully not turn to binging as much 🙂 Today was an OK start. I managed to eat just under 1500 cals. Tomorrows goal is to introduce some exercise.

Note everyone

Hello world!

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