Aqua Team.

November 17th, 2008

So I’m participating in The Biggest Loser Challenge in the 3FC 20 Somethings forum. I’m part of the Aqua Team :D. Here’s the banner I made for the team:

So I did Level 2 on the 30DS. OMG! That is a tough workout, but it was fun. I’m scared about hurting my knees so I take it easy on the plank squats and jumping jacks. I like it better than Level 1! I didn’t run today, but I did walk up some very steep hills and stairs for 30 minutes. After my workout, I had breakfast. I tried Chobani’s plain greek yogurt. I HATE plain yogurt. I always need some kind of fruity sweet flavor, but I want to cut down on carbs a little. It tasted pretty good for a plain yogurt. Almost like sour cream. I think I might buy more of this stuff. It was on sale at Whole Foods, 4/$5 😀

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