Aaand… BREAK!

November 14th, 2008

Finished Day 9 of Level 1 for the 30DS. Whooo… just when I want to stop, it’s over. So glad it’s only 20ish minutes. Did my daily run and decided that I can’t run 6 times a week. Methinks that is too much and my legs are paying for it. I have really bad knees. As a kid, I twisted my knee 3 times. Once in dance class, once in karate class, and once while rollerblading. Today, I got mega calf pains so I think I need to rest it for a bit. I’m moving on to Week 2 for C25K next week, regardless if I can make it through. I need to increase my stamina.

Today for breakfast I had Stoneyfield’s Blackberry Nonfat yogurt. I don’t like the consistency that much. It’s kinda runny. I think I’m going to switch totally to Chobani greek yogurt. It has so much protein! Plus it’s so creamy and nommy 😀

Last night I made snickerdoodles. Funny story, the first time I made it, I forgot to put the eggs and it came out all crumbly and hard. lol. I had to throw it out. I did try it again and they came out wonderfully. They’re HUGE! My boyfriend snuck in some chocolate chips in a couple. He’s going to give it away to one of his friends.

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  1. slimsisters Says:

    Awesome job on the 30DS! Is this your first time doing it? I just finished Day 5 of Level 1 and I totally agree with you — just when you want to quit it’s over! I love how it’s broken down into the strength, cardio, abs segments. It makes it go by so quickly!

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