November 10th, 2008

Did lots of bad eating this weekend due to my LV trip. To summarize, frapps galore, greasy Chinese food, and the spirit of aloha menu. I did pretty well I must say :). Bad news though, mother dearest sent me home with a tin of mini chocolate chip shortbread and white chocolate dipped kona coffee cookies from Hawaiian Cookie Company. MY FAVORITE! It’s so hard not to gobble down this entire box that is taunting me at this moment. I’ve had methinks 5 now? Yikes! I think I’ll just have a couple more…. *evil grins*

The thing that surprised me? I’m actually EXCITED to go for my run tomorrow and have a normal healthy meal. I feel icky at the moment after eating so much crap. However, I’m glad that my body got some recovery time in. Three full days of hardly any activity.

Good things: My Mom noticed I lost weight!!! WAHOOOOOO. She said I lost A LOT 😀

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  1. petunia418 Says:

    Hi! Those cookies are sooo good! Trader Joe’s has some similar ones and I can’t control myself with them! That’s awesome that you’re so excited to get back to you new, healthier way of living! And how great that you mom noticed so much… I bet that feels GREAT! 🙂

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