Slowly I turn inch by inch

Well, this is day 4 of the intense pre-op diet!  Some hours are easy and some hours all I want is a Dominos Pizza or Sesame Chicken.  Then again thats what got me here 🙂  Surgery is still scheduled for July 7th at 9am.  However, I made a call to the office asking about Asthma inhailers when should I stop using it before surgery.  The assistant called Dr. Schrope and when I got a call back I was told that surgery may have to be postponed since I have Asthma. UGHHHHHHH .   SO!  Since Im from a Stubborn German Stock, I called the hospital and my asthma specialist to cut them off at the chase and get pulminary clearance and I cant do it without a presciption for the PFT Test which Ive taken God knows how many times.  I want this surgery and I want it now!!!!!  And yes I am throwing a tantrum like a 3 year old LOLOLOL 🙂

Last Call!!! DING DING

Well I am here 2 weeks to surgery and I have not always been faithful to the pre-op diet.  Some days on and somedays off and a few REALLY off days.  But I have no choice now!  All the food is out of my kitchen and the pantry looks like Old Mother Hubbards! 🙂 I hope and pray I get through this so I may have a successful surgery.  Why is this so hard?  Love, Peace, and Serenity to all!   ~ Albert

Point of NO RETURN!!!

Well folks – its offical I HAVE A DATE!  Well, a date for surgery that is 🙂  July 7th 2009 at 7:30am at Valley Hospital in NYC.  Dr. Beth Schrope of Columbia Presbyterian Weight Loss Surgery will be doing the slicing and dicing.  I am very exciting and nervous all at the same time.

NOW!  for the issue of the pre-op diet!  I was told to do the diet for 4 weeks (2 which were optional and recommended and 2 which are non neg.)  Some days I do well, some I slip,  Any advice for me?  I mean if I cant even do this now, can I do it once I have the band in me.  That scares me 🙁  Well off to have a protein shake – God Bless!  AEG

Let me introduce myself!

Good Evening to you all:  I am 31 years old and male (YES! I said male – shocked!!)  I will be undergoing Gastric Banding Surgery next month.  My surgeons and Dr. Daniel Davis and Dr. Beth Schrope at Columbia Presbyterian in NYC.  I have been dealing with eating disorders my WHOLE life.  From being sent to an Eating Disorder Clinic when I was 10 years old for Kids to being fully Bulimic in college and then 2 years of Atkins Religiously.  I have sent my body up and down 140 lbs each time OVER and OVER again.  Well enough is enough.  I am now 12 anymore, its not about vanity – its about my health and will to live.  For that I am proud of what I am about to do.  Love to all of you and prayers for stability in all our lives.  – AEG