A fat girl’s quest to freedom

Keeping my eye on the prize

It’s amazing how much re-training I need to get back on track. I admit that I just assumed that I would just start exercising and eating healthier and it would be easy…it’s not. I am starting over…but this time with guidelines. I feel like winging it, like I did before, would just put me back into this spot in another 4 months. I plan to succeed and the first thing I need is a daily plan. My plan will include my targets for the day, counting calories, making sure I eat on time, daily exercise log, blog attendance and evening check in. This may seem like a lot but I know that seeing this list everyday will help me keep on track. I refuse to spend the rest of my life like this and I need structure.

Now..for the good news. Yesterday was a semi-success….I ate only when hungry and I got in 20 minutes of exercise. Today I plan to exercise 30 minutes and eat every 2 1/2 – 3 hours so that I get all my calories. I will post my daily plan later today.

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