A fat girl’s quest to freedom

When the scale doesn’t move…

Since my last weigh-in(Tuesday) the scale has not moved.I couldn’t figure out what I was doing wrong and it was beginning to stress me out.  I’ve been to the gym four days this week and twice on Friday and my eating has been on point with the exception of Wendy’s chicken Nuggets on Monday.  So I got up this morning and stood on the scale expecting to see some king of loss and….nothing. I even got off and got right back on….exact same number. Okay…now I’m starting to get ticked off >-( What is going on? I feel so frustated. I decide to get out of the house and end up eating some unhealthy freebies at the farmer’s market. Great!

I get back home and decide to try to figure out what’s wrong instead of eating my way off my quest.  I grab my MT binder and start reading to see what I’m doing wrong and it occurs to me to take my measurements. I haven’t taken them since my second week (there was no change then). So I take out the measuring tape and I start at my waist…Sweet Lord….I’ve lost 4 inches in my waist. Well I measure again to be sure and…I have actually lost 4 inches in the last two weeks. So…of course…I check the rest of me and I’ve lost a total of 9 inches off my body: arms, waist, hips, thighs and forearms. After doing a dance around the room, I decide to try to lessen the blow of the junk I just ate and I do my Cardio dance DVD. I really put alot into it…the last thing I want is to hapen is to see a higher number in the morning. 

This morning I wake up and I’m a little afraid….what if the junk I ate yesterday packs on the pounds? I’m going to be so disappointed in myself if I gained because I went back to my old habits yesterday. After giving myself a stern talking to, I make my way to the scale and I get on. (For some reason as I’m waiting for my weight to appear, I flash on The Biggest Loser and how nervous they are when they weigh in. I’ve always wondered if all that anxiety affected the results of the scale.) Finally my number comes up-and I’ve lost two lbs! Thank GOODNESS! At this point, part of me just wanted that damn scale to move, but I really wanted it to move lower not higher.

 I think that maybe because I increased my workout intensity and duration and did not increase my caloric intake, I stalled my weight loss. I think the junk actually helped a bit by shocking my system…but I DO NOT want to go through that again and I definitely don’t want to incorporate junk food into my weight loss journey. I need to create a meal plan for the days that I workout. Watching the scale stuck at one number for 5 days is frustrating and discouraging. I’ve learned that when the scale doesn’t move, I may have lost inches instead or I also may need to adjust my meal plans. I’m off to figure out how much more I need to eat on the days that I work out or if I need to increase my pre-workout meal. 🙂

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