A fat girl’s quest to freedom

Still going strong…

So…since the last time I posted there have been changes. First a confession: I stepped on the scale this morning ( my weigh-in date is Mondays) …..I have lost 9lbs so far! After the last two days, I ‘m really happy that I’ve lost weight. Don’t worry, I’ve been mostly on-plan, I just have been falling short in the calorie department. You would think after years of eating unhealthy and packing on the pounds, not only would I easily meet 1800 calories a day, but it would be hard for me to keep myself at that calorie amount per day. But I’ve found, in my case anyway, that when I’m eating healthy, I get full faster and stay that way longer. I read somewhere that when you’re hungry, your body is craving protein, nutrients and carbs. But when you’re eating fast foods and food high in fat content, you’re not getting all the nutrients you need and the carbs and fat you consume slows up your metabolism. Even after you’re full, your body is still craving for those nutrients and proteins that you missed and it seems like hunger. Well, I believe that. Because I’m more satisfied when I’m eating healthy than I was when I was eating unhealthy. I used to go to Panda Express often, but I was always hungry 45 to 90 minutes later. So I would eat a bag of chips or make a grilled cheese sandwich…see where I’m going with this. This was my eating habits for the last decade and I thank God that I don’t have any health issues. Hopefully I’ve gotten on the right track in time to not only prevent future ailments but maybe also to help correct those that can only be fixed by losing weight. I’ve also noticed that I feel more positive no that I’m eating healthy. I’ve always been the nice, positvie girl, but more times than not, it was an act. But now, it all feels different, like I was living under a veil and I couldn’t see clearly. Well, I’m off to the farmers market for my produce and fruit. I’ll post later.

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