Back on my grind

Yea so this week has been a complete bust, I haven’t gained any weight or anything (well since yesterday, who know what happened today) but  I feel that I have not been as healthy as I was before. this week is past and long gone and there is nothing I can do about it, however I have next week and the many weeks after that to improve and starting tomorrow  I’m gonna be back on my grind,  SKINNINESS HERE I COME!!!!

I Hate Spring Break

The week before spring all I could look forward to was spring break and not stressing about classes for a week but today on the last day of spring break I came to a realization of just how much of track spring break has put me. I haven’t gained any weight but I feel as though I have not been as committed to my weight loss as before, now this is not because I am at some crazy party eating junk food and drinking, which I have never done (the drinking and partying part, unfortunately I have ate a lot of junk food)  but because I have been copped up at home and my eating schedule has been way of, like I would eat breakfast at 12 and by the time lunch time came I would not be hungry so I would not eat again until around 4 and I would not eat dinner because I am still full. But I have gone to the gym 5 days out of the week, which is my usual schedule, now I think about it I have not done that bad I mean the only thing I should have probably not eaten is a few slices of home made banana bread and gluten and wheat free brownies. I don’t know I just feel out of whack this week, hopefully it will change next week.

A good workout

So last night I went to the gym around 9:30 pm and I had one of those amazing workouts where at the end of the workout you feel like you have conquered the world that is until you realize that you can no longer breath and it feels as if your body is made of jello. I love days like that when you feel like you have put everything you have into the work out, but my problem is how do I get that feeling at every workout. Most of the time after 30 minutes of cardio I have very little energy to do 30 minutes of free weight exercises but I still push my self through it and the problem with pushing my self through it is that I am not really getting the workout I know I need so it sometimes feels like I’m lying to my self. However last night when I was in a beast mode at the gym i realized one thing that I control my body and no matter how tiring it might be to do one more squat I’m not going to die and no matter how tired I am nothing in the word beats feeling like you have accomplished a good workout

The Beginning!

First blog ever woot woot!!! I’m very excited for this. Needless to say not a lot of exciting things happen in my life, sad I know, I know. But this blog is not for me to share how predictable and boring my life is but instead to motivate me to push forward in  pursuing my life long goal of losing weight. For about 30 minutes, okay maybe 5 Minutes I have debated with myself whether or not I feel comfortable sharing with the whole word how much I weight when I can’t even muster up the strength to even tell  my family and friends. But I have decided this is the place I’m going to be utterly and completely honest.  When I first started to lose weight which was February 19, 2013 I weighted a whopping 209 pounds, I felt like I needed to climb under a rock when I saw those numbers but since then I have gone down to 204 pounds in about almost a month, which for me is a huge accomplishment. My goal is to weight between 140 and 145 pounds by the end of November 2013, I just have to stay motivated.